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So you just started playing Maplestory2 and discovered this cool ass guidebook in your inventory.


So you decide to open it up and flip through it learning the different codes you can utilize for your music.


Then you see this on the very last page:


This page is for the people that want to go the extra mile and insert specific action at a certain part of the song. Like if the music goes ham at a part, you'd probably want your character to go ham as well so you would put M5 in that measure.

But the thing is that each instrument has a different selection of actions unique to it, there's no way to preview this as far as I know.


So I made a personal guide for myself as a reference, using the Sweets Parade song as a template! o/

Each of the motions are played at the default performance speed, so it's off tempo of the song.

Most of the videos don't immediately go to playing, that was for my own entertainment. Also I have a pretty bad frame rate.


I can't really call it a masterlist because I forgot to record a few before CBT ended.

The full release also added a bunch of new challengers in the merets market so if anyone has one of the new ones, I would appreciate it if you can contribute this to the thread! 


(Still working on the this, I can't preview FLV videos for some reason. I might upload it on a website and link back to it)

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