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Kirby Konundrum

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(Yes it's misspelled, but the alliteration demanded the k)
So I have a long time nemesis in MML which is the Drawcia boss battle(not Drawcia soul, that's the song after the one I'm having issue with).


Any time I try to convert it from midi (which I've trimmed down in Anvil to get rid of the duplicate tracks for multiple instruments) it becomes totally desynced in 3mle. I tried ita couple years ago for archeage with the mabi version and now, having forgotten the extensive battle I had with it before, I tried it for Maple and got the same result. The yellow track(or the constantly ascending/descending) track gets off track almost immediately and just gets worse and worse as time goes on.


I don't understand why 3mle breaks this way with this specific song, and STILL haven't figured out what its doing to fix it. I'm going to be diving back into it tonight but if someone with more knowledge can save me some great hassle I'd much appreciate it. I'll be able to provide any of the files involved if needed when I get up.

But I must have this song. It is too great to not be able to play in game. Even if I end up having to doa replace all or hand edit notes for hours.


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Usually when you import midis, only the first track will get the tempo.
Try locating where the tempo is and then insert it in each measure for the other harmonies.

If that doesn't work, there's also a discord server that's pretty active where you can ask for help there. I don't mind helping you myself if it isn't that difficult. o/

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