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Planning on a jam...

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Making a decent solo version of this is completely possible. If you cut out all of the percussions and sound effects It should sound something like this:

[email protected],<l8<grgrgrgg-grgrgrgrgrgrgrgg-grgrgrgb,l8o1grrrgr4.grrrgrrrgrrrgr4.grrrgr4.;

Yea its watered down, but its good enough to get by.

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If you want a really ridiculous band, I tried out a few things and ended up with this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4234581/something.mp3

It uses C Handbell, Bass Drum, Drum, Cymbals, Tuba, Flute, and Chalumeau. Controlling the volumes of the Tuba/Flute/Chalumeau correctly would be the key to get the different feeling of the brass instruments in the original song. Also, In my opinion, the percussion is necessary to capture the original feel of the song. It doesn't sound all that intense without it in my opinion. If you want the MML for the above lemme know; it's not very much of the song.

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