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tanino's MML Collection

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It's been quite some time since the last time I've had any activity related to Mabinogi, as many of you may have come to know by now, I have quit the game as of last summer (July 2017).
For prosperity's sake I have uploaded an entire archive of all the MML I have worked on over the years. This is to prevent MMLs from being lost as we've seen happen in the past.

This includes but isn't limited to;

  • Unfinished MMLs and Works in Progress
  • Untested MMLs and impossible to play MMLs
  • Unreleased MMLs such as those found in the Showcase Hall (See: Mabinogi OST - Avalon Gate BGM | Showcase Hall | MabiBeats)
    Other works and edits as well as documentation pertaining to explaining and understanding MMLs and Mabinogi's instrument limitations.

I would normally not post this, however since I no longer play the game I figured it would be good for people wanting to learn and also for people who have been after some of my prized private MMLs for what has now become years.
Furthermore as a side note. I do not own the account "tanino" in Mabinogi anymore, the account was sold to the highest offering, though this isn't the place to discuss this.

If anyone has a problem with me posting this please contact me directly via Discord, my Discord Username is Joë (tanino)#8321



MML Download;

Direct Download from MabiBeats - tanino's MMLs (Direct Download)
Download from Dropbox - tanino's MMLs (Dropbox Mirror)
Download from MediaFire - tanino's MMLs (MediaFire Mirror)
Download from MEGA - tanino's MMLs (MEGA Mirror)

If any of these mirrors die, please contact me on Discord so I can create a new one.

Again, kind regards and thank you for being a great community, I hope to see you around in some other game possibly!
Kind Regards,

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