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S> Raccoon Cub outfit + List

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just as the title says :D

I also have a Liberator shield, Gamyu shoes (M), Bandit clothes (M), Ronin everything (F) (wig, outfit, shoes), Asuna SAO shoes, Theatrical troupe outfit (F), Cross empire gloves/boots (F), Basic Avenger Dark Knight Armor (F), Fleet Elegant Dark Knight boots (F), Illusion Shoes (M), Otherworldly Hanbok Shoes (M), Royal Headdress (M), Snowflake Dress (F), Ghostly Eastern Vampire Outfit (F), China 7th Anniversary outfit (F), Exquisite Arashi everything (F), Butterfly shades, Bellfox shoes (F), Scooter Helmet, Panda Headband, Ninja Anju's Shoes, Social Resident Robe, Premium Winter Newbie Wear (F), all kinds of umbrella, Bunny Ribbon Suit, Andris Wing Staff, Owl Robe, Shark Robe, Jester Robe, Annick Wig, Smiley Pumpkin Head Mask, Duck Cap, Goggle Hat, Alice's Dress, Elegant Hanbok Hat, Pumpkin Bat Shoes (F), Starry Bunny Headband 5, 2012 Premium Winter Newbie Gloves (F), China 7th Anniversary Shoes (M), China 7th Anniversary Headdress (M), Dragon Scale Armor (F), Dragon Scale Helm, Dragon Scale Gauntlets, Cowboy Hat, Lugh's Wig, Apron Nurse's Cap, Playful Bunny Headband, Style Suit + Glasses,  Geta Sandals (F), Friendly Shark Hat, Tiger Hat,  Bunny Dress Shoes, Starlet Circle Ear Cuffs, Starry Bunny Headband 1, Flight Attendant shoes, Treasure Hunter Field Wear (F), Nakuru Dragon Pattern Magician Robe (F), Alice's Ribbon Headband, Treasure Hunter Bracers, and an Ice Rose


I might accept trades on some of this stuff, especially female outfits :V im a sucker 

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