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Deemo - Sairai

If you have Audio Playback Issues or Lag then click on the green 'Turn Off Visualizer' button to improve audio playback.
Click an Instrument to copy the MML!
If you are having trouble with audio playback or you are having audio 'lag' then click on the Green Button that says 'Turn off Visualizer' to the left in order to improve audio playback.

Q.) Silent Notes?
A.) If you have silent notes in your song preview, and they are not on pitch 89 or 90 then that means they are out of the allowable range for that instrument and therefore will not play.

Q.) No sound plays at all? || The wrong instrument sound is playing?
A.) The Instrument ID Map is most likely not set correctly, please report the submission so that it can be fixed.

Known Issues
- When replaying a song preview from the end the scroll bar does not snap back to the beginning of the song.

Author Comment By 🎶Lachesis

17-09-21: Remastered.

User Feedback



This is great for someone who knows the song, but since you're playing multiple pieces of the song together all on the same instrument, it might sound odd to someone who doesn't know the original. You may want to consider writing a jam session for this, that way you can have multiple instruments in it too, and even include the electric guitar parts if you want.

Link to review

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