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  3. Divinity

    This Is Halloween - 3K Solo

    Its good however the volume is quite low. Upscale that volume some?
  4. jacplac97

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky - Bandit Radio

    5/5 Absolutely blyatiful. Would destroy Duty's base again.
  5. Divinity

    Kingdom Hearts 2 - Passion/Sanctuary

    Hey keep them coming! Beautiful as always!
  6. Leanny

    Carnival Phantasm - Super Affection

    Thank you so much for your great work! But can I request for a m2mml?
  7. Wondering if anyone could help me out! This is one of my favorite songs from the NieR Automata OST and I'd be extremely grateful ☺️. I tried doing it myself but it always ended up sounded like a mess.
  8. Meyling

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Don't Ever Forget

    Who put this onion near me *sob*
  9. Meyling

    Spider-Man 2: The Movie Game - Pizza Minigame

    God is that you?
  10. Meyling

    Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire - Route 110

    Oh my god YES thank you for making this masterpiece!!
  11. Sounds great! I really like the arrangement on harp. The only thing is that when I opened it it was actually 4145 notes, so I had to bump it up to intermediate.
  12. Hey I'd like to request this song for MapleStory 2. I've tried to get it to work but all versions I've tried/done sound weird. Here's one version on here by KurumaVII [email protected]&c&c&c&c&c&c&c&c&c&c&c&c&c&c&c&c&c&c&c&c&c&c&c&c&c&c&c&c&c&c&cl8&t173>f<ff>f<ff>f4.<fcd+f+fd+f+f<ff>f<ff>f<fl16gg+f8t155l4d+d+d+t173l8>>f<ff>f<ff>f4.<fcd+f+fd+f+f<ff>f<ff>f<fl16>cc+<b1&b8v9l4>d+v11d+v13d+v15l2.f<<g8>d+&d+8<g8>c+l8&c+<g>c1&cv10fn34d+gl16c.v13fg.d+.n34d+.l8f<g+f>g<a+g>g+c+n32a+d+<a+l16>b+.fc.>d+.<gd+.l8>f<g+f>g<a+g>g+c+n44a+d+<a+>>c2v15fffffffff<<fgg+a+g+ga+g+v10l16>f>f<f>f<f>f<f>f<f>f<f>f<f>f<f>f<f>fl8<fv15d+2&d+>fffffffff<<fgg+a+g+ga+g+v10l16>cb+cb+cb+cb+cb+cb+cb+cb+cb+l8ca+2&a+<<fg+>f<ga+>fn32cfn34d+gv13l16c.fg+.d+.n34d+.l8f<g+f>g<a+g>g+c+n32a+d+<a+l16>b+.fc.>d+.<gd+.l8>f<g+f>g<a+g>g+c+n44a+d+<a+>b+4.f32g+16>c32v15fffffffff<fgg+a+g+ga+g+v10l16cb+cb+cb+cb+cb+cb+cb+cb+cb+l8cv15a+4.f4>fffffffff<fgg+a+g+ga+g+v10l16>f<f>f<f>f<f>f<f>f<f>f<f>f<fv11l8fefgv13g+gg+a+4t160v15b+bb+a+g+fgg+4c+c4c+f1&f4<fn34c+fl16c.fg+.d+.g+l8>d+.&d+32t160g+efgfd+c+fn46cc+d+c+fc+1&c+v12cfn46fl16c.fg+.d+.g+>d+.t157f2<<f.a+>d+.f.cf.a+2.g8g+8g2f.d+c.<g.>cd+.<a+2l8a+>cfa+4b+bb+a+g+d+gg+4c+c4c+f4.g+efgfd+c+fn46cc+d+c+cc+l16<c.<gb+.g.b+g.b+.g>c.f.cf.a+.fc.f.c<g.b+.gb+.g.>cf.c.fa+.f.a+>c.c.fa+.f.a+>d+.c.fa+.f.a+>d+.v15f2,r1v12o1f.>f.l8>ff+c+4.<<a+>d+g+>c+4g<ff>g<ff>gl4<f.v15g+c+<f+v12f.>f.l8>ff+c+4.<d+g+>c+f+4g<ff>g<ff>g<fl16>cc+<b1&b8v9g.<gv11>c.c+.v13<g+g.v15f+4v12l8f>cfn22d+g+4.<fb>fn20c+g+4.<f>cfn22d+g+4.v8<f>cf<f>d+g<f>cf<f>d+gf4d+4v11<c+g+n25c+a+n27c+g+n25c+a+>d+c+4c4n22f>c+<<a+>g>d+<<a+>f>c+<<a+>g>d+l16<<a+>fg+>c+fgg+>d+l4.<<fv14>bcl8<g+a+>cc+cn34c+c<fgg+a+g+ga+g+fd+f+2&f+l4.f>bcl8<g+a+>cc+cn34c+c<fgg+a+g+ga+g+fd+f+2&f+v8<f>cf<f>d+g<f>cf<f>d+gv11f4d+4n22f>c+<<a+>a+>d+<<a+>f>c+<<a+>a+>d+c+4c4<<a+>f>c+<<a+>g>d+<<a+>f>c+<<a+>g>d+<<a+l32>fa+16>cf4v15l4.n17bb+l8ffffffff<fgg+a+g+ga+g+fd+f+2&f+l4.<f>>bb+l8ffffffff<fgg+a+g+gcl4ffed+c+>f1&f2.l8<c+g+n37c+a+n39c+g+n37c+a+>d+c+4c4<a+4>>c+1&c+2.v12o1a+>f>c+<<a+>g>c+<<a+>g+>c+<<a+>g>c+<<a+>f>c+4<<g+>d+g>c2&c<c+g+>cf2&f<<g+>d+g>c2&cr1r>d+dd+c+c4.l1frrrrr.v15>f4&f4,r1v15>c.c.c1&c<<g+.g+.g+2c<ba+o5c.c.c1&c<<g+.g+.g+2.>c+8g+2&g+8v9<bv11bv13a+v15l1>c&c&cv10l8<<fg+>f<ga+>fn32c1&cv13l4.c+d+fgg+4a+4>c+d+fgg+2v9l8ffffffff<f4fffffff1&f4.a+4.&v15f4v9>ffffffff<f4fffffff1&f4.>f4l16&frc1&c1&c4l4.&v13<c+d+fgg+4a+4>c+d+fgg+2v9l8fffffffffcccccccc1&c4.v15f4.a+.>d+16v9<fffffffffcccccccccccccccc<efgv13g+gg+a+4v15b+bb+a+g+fgg+4c+c4c+f4t165r4.ga+>f1&f2<g+efgfd+c+f1t165&fv12fg+>f<ga+>f<g+1&g+>f1&r1r1<<c+g+>cf2&f<<g+>d+g>c2&c<c+g+>f4<cg+>c+4<<a+>fg>c+2&c+<<g>fa+>fe2r1r1r1.>>c2;
  13. Nadblaster

    Super Mario World - Athletic Theme (Western Version)

    This is fantastic, sounds perfect. Great job.
  14. Yasuno

    How do I use the MS2MML File on the song page?

    You don't open the file on your computer, you download it and then open the file inside Maple Story 2 in the composing window.
  15. papichulo

    How do I use the MS2MML File on the song page?

    I'm having trouble with the MML stuff. When I download an ms2mml file windows makes me select a program to open the file with and none of them work. How can I fix this? Please help
  16. ImagineWill

    G Gundam Shining Finger

    Hey is possible to make a solo track with this, I'm hopeless with 3mle editing. godfinger.mid
  17. jokati

    Made In Abyss - The First Layer

    Very Good.
  18. Nadblaster

    Mike Oldfield - Nuclear (MGSV)

    Why are we here? Just to suffer?
  19. ProfessorPlum

    TheFatRat - Unity

    Any way you can make a version without all the volume changes? I find them really jarring in a lot of places other than that A+.
  20. Ilumeo

    Toby Fox - It's Raining Somewhere Else (Undertale)

    Thank you!!!!
  21. hellomarx

    Pokemon BW - Accumula Town

    one of my favorite of bw
  22. ADirtyCouch

    MHW - Bazelguese Theme

    I'm burnt out from MHW and you just had to bring this piece into MS2. It's like I never left at all.
  23. ShaggyUltra

    DKC2 - Shiphold

    This is pretty good if only I could get 5 friends to play with me tho
  24. ShaggyUltra

    Toto - Africa

    This is pretty good if only I could get 5 friends to play with me tho
  25. WolfCrimson

    Camila Cabello - Havana (Solo)

    Really well done!!!
  26. Rhedtek

    Code Geass - Colors

  27. Song is by Maaya Sakamoto Feat. Steve Conte
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