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  3. Dunno if it's too long or what but I would greatly appreciate if this song can be made. Honestly I dunno which version would be better, the pure instrumental or the one with vocals. Intrumental(i guess) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ms1yZ-uy450 Vocals https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEEPosF-tNU Please and thanks! ☺️
  4. Mythra

    Request Kaine (Salvation) From NieR: Gestalt

    Try this to see, I think the result is the one expected. The 2 parts are in 3k characters . nierAutomata-Kaine(piano part).ms2mml nierAutomata-Kaine(violin part).ms2mml
  5. SeikenWalker

    Your Name - Sparkle

    it's huge :O Do you know when ms2 will be available again? I wanna play it in maple xD
  6. Turnana

    One Piece - Binks Sake

    that was really good, reminds of the end of the thriller bark arc, love the work
  7. Yetiquatch

    Tokyo Ghoul - Unravel

  8. Pudinnia

    Steven Universe - Love Like You

  9. dasvanu17

    Numb by Linking Park

    I just open the file in 3MLE then copy and paste it into ms2, then you can save the song as an .ms2mml
  10. This song is just so much fun. It makes you want to dance. Highly appreciated if someone can work on these. Thanks! (Piano)
  11. ADirtyCouch

    Rune Factory 4 - Winter

  12. malokyte

    Why do my songs sound so different from 3MLE

    That is correct. To the original post, if you're testing it in 3MLE after simplifying the tracks and it still sounds right in there, and you're manually c/p the mml into the game, then you might be accidentally transferring part of the track. I've accidentally clipped the beginning of the track doing it manually, and that would make it sound wrong, so you might want to double check that you've selected the entire track when you c/p it over.
  13. DFDelta

    Why do my songs sound so different from 3MLE

    "v" is volume, isn't it? Tempo is "t", I think.
  14. SekiChan

    i want to find cancer

    Here you go! I recommend the violin or any high pitch instrument and I'm not held responsible for any of your actions! SekiSeki.mml
  15. Dinders

    FFXIV - Sunrise (Suzaku)

    Really good! I really like it!
  16. Parzivus

    Deemo - Wings of Piano

    I was hoping someone would do this, very nice
  17. Leanny

    Grand Blue OP - Shonan no Kaze

    nicely done~
  18. Scapemaster

    Caravan Palace - Lone Digger

    This is pretty solid, but with all the sounds going on in the middle it gets a bit jumbled together. Would you be willing or able to make an ensemble? Perhaps with a trumpet and drums?
  19. EducatedGirl

    Caravan Palace - Lone Digger

    I can't believe it's not butter.
  20. It's a specific version that I would like thats a two person ensemble, with Piano and Violin. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRg_6Oy435A This is the original song, if the singing parts can be replaced with violin and the piano parts remain the same I'd be grateful. If you want to hear the actual version of the song I would like its Kaine (Salvation) by PurpleSchala and Animevivi. I know its a lot but if anyone can create this piece for me I'd greatly appreciate it.
  21. If anyone would be able to compose this in MS2MML format I would be super ecstatic about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xd8tOAJMA8Q
  22. cabezagrande

    i want to find cancer

    Please can i request for the most anoying sound i can make in Maplestory 2?
  23. Sheehan

    Numb by Linking Park

    Oh, its an .mml file =( maplestory 2 doesn't recognize that unfortunately, is there any .mml to .ms2mml converter?
  24. butterbattle

    Why do my songs sound so different from 3MLE

    This sounds like the same tempo issue. At the beginning of the first track, you should see a "v" something. That sets the tempo for the song. 3MLE automatically matches the other tracks to that tempo but the game does not. You have to add that tempo to each track. As for your second question, I'm not sure what you're asking. If the question is can you play multiple notes at once on the same track, the answer is no.
  25. KrispyChris

    Paper Mario - Attack On The Koopa Bros.

    This is so fantastic!
  26. butterbattle

    Performance motion list

    Ooohh neat. This would be some extra work though...ugh....
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