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  2. pseudoparadise

    Spongebob - Now That We're Men

    nOw THAt WE'rE M E N
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  7. Isla

    Plastic Memories ED - Asayake no Starmine

    Love u ❤️
  8. Isla

    Plastic Memories OP - Ring of Fortune

    Thanks for making this ❤️
  9. k0nkelberry

    Naruto ED 1 - Akeboshi "Wind"

  10. Retsamehtmai

    FNAF Sister Location Song - Join Us For A Bite

  11. One of the songs I really like, upbeat and uplifting. If anyone can compose this song (or if anyone is still composing songs at all), it would be much appreciated! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5d32-RnUlAA
  12. Big fan of Naofumi and his slowly growing harem plz do this for me ^ ^
  13. Revere

    Final Fantasy IX - Song of Memories

    Someone please make this song or i will learn how to do it and make all the best FF9 music XD
  14. Pikachu212

    Mii Channel

    Wow! This Sounds Really Good!
  15. Richter

    Yes - Roundabout

  16. Shatzi

    Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On

  17. Plopster

    Gunbound - Battle Theme 2

    Wow this makes me wanna play Gunbound again haha
  18. Lachesis

    Golden Sun 3 - Fight of Sons

  19. Sherlockowiec

    Pokemon R/B/Y - Rival Theme: Gary

    Nice, I'm sure it's not called that.
  20. Heyo, I'd like to request to convert the song Aualung - Brighter Than Sunshine for MS2 really pretty please 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35PtO8278eo
  21. Jisa

    Inuyasha - Dearest (Kikyo's Death Theme)

  22. Jisa

    LoZ Breath of the Wild - Zora's Domain (Night)

  23. Jisa

    Hollow Knight - Queen's Garden

  24. Jisa

    Child of Light - Final Breath

  25. Jisa

    Hollow Knight - Dirtmouth

  26. Jisa

    American Horror Story - Twisty + Dandy's Theme

  27. pseudoparadise

    Camila Cabello - Havana (Solo)

  28. DeScout

    Hunter x Hunter ED 5 & 6 - Hyori Ittai

    Hisokai the link is busted
  29. Retsamehtmai

    [Tarlach] Monthly Ornac Music Contests

    Hello all! I am happy to announce that the winners of the 23rd Monthly Ornac Music Contest were Arianette who played Wave of Darkness by Yoko Shimomura in the jam category, and Essention who played Breathe by CircusP in the solo cateogory! As the jam category grand prize winner, Ari won 10k NX, 2m gold and will be judging in next month’s contest. As the solo category grand prize winner, Essent won 10k NX, 1m gold and will also be judging in the next contest! Runner(s) up: + Maggs playing Gonna Fly Now by Bill Conti [jam] + Maramagdala playing A Gust of Love by Chenj Xiao Yun [solo] Thank you to our freeplayer(s): + Essention + Paxseko + Spooz The next music contest will be held February 17th, 2019, with the bonus theme of “Romantic/Heartfelt”! Contest location will be Emain Macha Stage on ch3! The contest will still start around 3pmPST and run until 4:30pmPST at the latest. Judge pool will be: Retsamehtmai, Laeryhn, Aliami, katara580, Paxseko, Arianette and Essention. Contest Notes: + NX prizes are now only going to be available during tarlach fair bard offs rather than the normal monthly contests Anyway, please join us every Sunday until the contest for a freeplay concert at the Lake Calida Mana Tunnel around 3pmPST on ch7. *Don’t forget about the raffle for those that attend! You could win a musical item!* -S- Sahmei -S- Contest Recap Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNbi5HATxWs Event rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14cGesTS9e8djqCSskBPMKTdY4OL6xpm6WgK-3w32IU8/edit?usp=sharing
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