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  3. s20091147

    Digimon Adventure Tri OP - Butterfly

    i love this song. however, when i put it in the blank sheet, the melody just become so messy. How can i fix this problem?
  4. noapplepie4u


    Would it be possible for anyone to convert these into MS2?
  5. Panky

    Benny Goodman - Sing Sing Sing

    If I get more feedback on this song, I will put more of my ensembles on here. I have quite a few. And sorry about rating myself, I know it is scummy, but it is required and I could not post w/o rating it.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Yasuno

    [mml_thing] An mml automation and conversion tool

    Oo, will have to try this. Will let you know.
  8. Hisokai

    Jennie Kim (BLACKPINK) - Solo

    Its not very good but here you go. Need a 10k sheet Blackpink SOLO.ms2mml
  9. Yukkiteru

    EDEN - Wake Up

    The only eden song on here feelsbadman
  10. Feida

    Final Fantasy VII - One Winged Angel

  11. Hisokai

    Question about submitting music

    Your melody with a single tempo would look like this and taking up 80 less notes (when all the spaces and linebreaks in yours are deleted).
  12. Hermos

    Pokemon RSE - Victory Road

    5/5, will want to beat Steven Stone again.
  13. Janice

    Pokemon RSE - Victory Road

  14. Hello! I would like to request if possible songs adapted to the xylophone. I recently adquired it and barely any song that is out there sounds good on it. I noticed that the high notes sound good and fits the xylophone very well but the low notes sound...not so good in my opinon. I'm guessing cute tingly songs or songs adapted to high notes (sorry I'm not familiar with the correct terms!) could work very well with the xylophone. Also for some reason the volume of the xylophone is very very low. I recorded the Doki Doki Literature Theme to show what I mean. This is one of the few songs that I think it fits very well, but in needs some adjusting for the xylophone. I also recorded New Bark Town song from Pokemon Gold/Silver to show what I mean with the low notes. I edited the sound to sound higher but in game is very low. Hope someone can help, thanks! Doki Doki Literature & New Bark Town.mp3
  15. Janice

    Question about submitting music

    3mle actually does a good job of keeping all notes compact to save space on the in game sheets if you use the the optimization tool under "Track>Optimization Options>Optimize all tracks". As Hisokai said it can compress many rest notes down using that option. Not sure if it will save as much as your method but it works well and keeps everything just easier for everyone this way. When you convert your file to have matching tempo I would love if you can pm me and attach the mml for the 3mle global tempo and the ms2mml for your way of compressing so I can compare them!
  16. Xelandrix

    System of a Down - Toxicity

    Very nice. Keep up the good work~!
  17. A-zu-ra

    Question about submitting music

    Hmm, if that's the case, I'll probably bite the bullet and keep the tempos consistent, even if it means an additional dozens of rs in the sheet. At least I know what's expected of me when it comes to what I can do for note saving and submitting to the site. If anyone was wondering what the MML in full looks like, here's what I was trying to attempt (note the different tempos on each channel). This would work correctly in MS2 itself, but break when played back on 3MLE.
  18. Janice

    New to MusicalNexus, but not music

    Welcome to our community! We'll get to your submission as soon as we are able to. I hope you enjoy what we have to offer here!
  19. Janice

    Question about submitting music

    This may indeed mess up your approval process as we use 3mle to solely check for tempo changes and make sure it matches up at the correct time stamps, this is important because the program we use to generate the mp3 preview also uses global tempo and would sound inaccurate to what you create in game by using different tempos for each track. You can try pming Yasuno by checking out the staff page on this site or joining the discord if its hard for you to change and submit using global tempos as I do help in the song approval process I do not handle special cases like this. We are used to having users submit content made in 3mle with global tempos.
  20. Girugiru

    Request Aimer- Kataomoi

    Done kataomoi guitar.ms2mml kataomoi melody.ms2mml
  21. Technomite2Nerd

    Spongebob Squarepants - Gary Come Home

  22. Last week
  23. GoldOsburn

    Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You (Solo)

    That was awesome!
  24. Hisokai

    Question about submitting music

    3MLEdoes use the tempo universally and you can also do this in a way in game with notelenght. In the example you've given you can instead do t176l1rrrr to achieve your t44rrrr and it can save you space even further as once you have tempo set adjusting the notelenght with "l1" "l2" etc is one less character than putting in "t44" or "t88" and this is also recognised as a feature on 3MLE so it wouldnt mess anything up when putting your tracks in there. Edit. It can also be even more compressed with t176l1.rr if you have a really long rest duration. (not best for this example as its so short but you get the idea (i hope). As for your question about approval, I have no answers to.
  25. wendoll

    Kimi no Na wa - Yumetourou/Dream Lantern

    Makes me happy
  26. Technomite2Nerd

    Castle Crashers - Space Pirates

    Used to loved playing the pvp gamemode with my brothers while jammin to this.
  27. Technomite2Nerd

    Request: Drake- One Dance

    Love this song so much! Would be really thankful!
  28. Hisokai

    Alexandre Desplat - The Meadow

    5k Sheet Alexandre Desplat - New Moon (The Meadow) [5k].ms2mml
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