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Mabinogi - Iria Main Theme G18(An Old Story From Grandma) Piano *PLAYABLE VERSION*

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    This code format is for the game Mabinogi, not MapleStory2.

    Author Comment

    This is a very old piece that I had worked on with two collaborators.

    The MMLs and MIDI were lost over the years, and after years of searching, I was able to get back our project again upon finding my long lost folders and drives! I had always wanted to post the playable MML back onto a site(after the former site(s) shutdown), so I am more than happy to post it here for others to use.

    After years of having our original video uploaded, I wanted to return back to that specific video, re-uploading it so that it was less choppy(my rig's been upgraded over the years so it was doable!)and with higher quality sound. As another update, I have also made a 50% speed version of this song as well as having found the music sheet for the song once again!

    I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart, everyone that I have met over the years whether it'd be in Mabinogi, other games or in real life and all of you for your support.

    Again, I would also like to thank my two collaborators so very much for working with me on this! Thank you so much for your hard work!

    PrinnRose - http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1q-nrs143awJQDcxK4qrAg
    TigerLyn - Thank you for your help in transcribing this piece! I wish you had something that I could link everyone to.

    Music Sheet: https://musescore.com/prinnrose/scores/150600

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