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  1. Sommunist

    Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Eve/Sarajevo

  2. Sommunist

    Vince Guaraldi Trio - Christmas Time is Here

  3. Sommunist

    Bleach OP 1 - Asterisk

    Memories of staying up late to watch this on adult swim.
  4. Sommunist

    Banjo Kazooie - Opening Theme

    I love it, but I really really hope that a quartet is in the works.
  5. Sommunist

    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Departure

    Ah, memories.
  6. Sommunist

    Dark Cloud 2 - Palm Brinks

    Accordion instrument for Maplestory when? Good arrangement.
  7. I remember coming out of a shrine and seeing Kass, wandering over and listening to him play along with this song on his accordion, before the younger Rito came down and started singing with him. I cried.
  8. Sommunist

    Yoshi's Island - Athletic theme

    Very nice rendition. I wonder how it would sound on something closer to the original soundfont, like a harmonica?
  9. Sommunist

    FFVIII Breezy and The Castle

    Breezy has been approved!
  10. Sommunist

    Spice and Wolf - Tabi no Tochuu

  11. Sommunist

    FFVIII Breezy and The Castle

    I took a request from a 4chan thread and put Breezy up as a solo guitar song, just waiting for it to be approved. Pure coincidence, but enjoy!
  12. Sommunist

    Final Fantasy VIII - Breezy

  13. Sommunist

    Final Fantasy IX - You're Not Alone!

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