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  1. Richter

    Rammstein - Mutter

    A classic song indeed.
  2. Richter

    Street Fighter 2 - Guile's Theme

  3. Richter

    Wooo \o/

    Hey guys and gals! Dear Scripters! Thanks for doing such a nice job, I did expect the least from a music feature in MS2 but it is actually really amazing! Also, shout out to all those who make it possible to get those sheets! See y'all on the Stage Kef~
  4. Richter

    Kingdom Hearts 358 / 2 days - Xion's Theme

    No Pizzicato, but that's alright. Very nice piece indeed, can't wait to play it!
  5. Richter

    Persona 5 - Alleycat

    So Smooth!
  6. Richter

    Childish Gambino - Redbone (Arrange)

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