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  1. no1 picked up the glove T-T
  2. dante

    Ac/Dc TunderStrike please!

    thunderstrike is the original name i still have it on vynile no no ye ur right i was high when i worte that i am still high now
  3. dante

    Arcanus Lucum

    oh wow!
  4. Tenichious D all songs naruto op yura yura and fighting dreamers comeon guilty crown the everlast crown and krone him them if u dont know or belive me fuck i had more more bluezzz and saxsofon songs ah remember baker street! wut a sax song! dont call me angel ost deadpool 2 ! some1 pick up the glove blur song 2 blur song 2
  5. dosnt load on maplebeats or music sheet T-T
  6. Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! Great song to translate to maple beat cant wait
  7. to the windowwww to the world get low get low shake hands
  8. moral combat music would be awsome for kicking ass and also funny do it
  9. its my favorite anime song and anime of all time would love to have it
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