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  3. Hi, hello, I am here. Composing has always been my favorite thing about Mabinogi. I constantly come back to the game just to play music, even if I never do anything else.* I've been burnt out for a bit, but the anticipation of Maplestory 2's composing system has revived me. So I finally decided to suck it up and join the forum!** My music composition choices range from "absolute videogame nerd" to "filthy weeb" and all the way down to "meme trash". I don't like copy-paste. so I transcribe everything by ear. Why? I dunno, man. I guess I just like repeating tiny segments of songs over and over looking for specific notes or something. It does wonders for tune memorization, let me tell you. I also joined the Discord, so that's a thing! I'm awful at starting conversations but I speak when spoken to, so be sure to ping me if you want to get my attention. I thiiiiink that's about it... oh, and I drew my avatar. Yes it's Widowmaker from Overwatch, yes she's dabbing. Don't ask.*** So... hi there! ? *I'm Bonnbon, on the Tarlach server, if anyone was curious. It's ok, no-one else knows me either, you're not alone. **There is honestly nothing wrong with the forum, I'm just absolutely terrible at sticking with forum-based sites. ***It's honestly not an interesting story anyway. I wanted a Widow dab as an emote in another server and couldn't find one. So I made it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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