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  1. Thrilling intent Theame

    i don't understand how to play a guitar or read music... but this is actually probably an easy request as the song writer actually put down the cords for the song https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/misc_your_songs/matt_cosgrove_-_thrilling_intent_chords_1801135 and this is the vid if someone needed to confirm if the song sounds right he's also got a ukulele version as well https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/misc_your_songs/thrilling_intent_ukulele_1801123
  2. Fairytail- Lyra's Song

    admittedly things in the game change.. but the song quality for the fantastic chorus doesn't match in game to whats in here. even when using song it dosen't match. remember that there are some notes that can't be sung.
  3. Funny Fake Default Song!

    I liked how you turned something we automatically ignore in game to something that grabs our attention. however the repeat of the notes after the default ends is a tad too much 10 seconds of it is excessive cut it to 5 and it should be good