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  1. Sykes

    One Piece - Binks Sake

    Perfection! <3 Thanks so much for putting this up!
  2. Sykes

    Pokemon Movie - Lugia´s Song

    This is just so beautiful.. thank you for making this!
  3. Sykes

    Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind ii (Solo)

    This is just so beautiful.. thank you for making this!
  4. Sykes

    Steven Universe - Do It For Her

    Absolutely stunning. I fell in love with it the instant I heard the preview!
  5. Sykes

    Undertale - Memory

    While not the same chimey tone from the game, handchimes might work well if composed for it, but this was a delightful find! Thank you very much for sharing this!
  6. Sykes

    Vocaloid - Tengaku (Piano Version)

    AHHH Thank you so much! I've been busy with life things and completely forgot I'd asked about this, SO glad I came back to see! <3 This is perfect!
  7. Sykes

    Mabinogi : Obnoxious Default Music

    OH MY GOD THIS IS PERFECT Thank you <33
  8. Sykes

    [Fulfilled] Curious request!

    I got it, and it sounds a little off at the beginning, but the duet was great to hear it on mabi. <3 I'll be sure to look into it on 3ML to see if it can be fixed up a bit. If I can, I'll post it back to ya!
  9. Sykes

    [Fulfilled] Curious request!

    That would be greatly appreciated! <3 Oh my gosh, have you posted it? I'd love to hear it sometime!
  10. Sykes

    [Fulfilled] Curious request!

    I know that feeling with a lot of songs, but sometimes even a simplified version goes a long way~ I've had that song on loop for about two days now I just adore it so much. xwx
  11. Sykes

    [Fulfilled] Curious request!

    Would it be possible for anybody to compose a solo score for the vocaloid song Tengaku? The one that Rin Kagamine sings. I just adore the song and wanna hear it on Mabi sometime if that could be a thing? I'm still working on my own scores I hope to put up on here, but my PC's been a butt lately and wiped all my current progress.
  12. Sykes


    Also wanted to add I'm very forgetful at times so if I miss anything here, I'm sorry! ;w;
  13. Sykes


    I've been on Mabibeats for a lil' while, buuuuut I kinda forgot to make an intro post! So here I am and I'm loving this site. <3
  14. Sykes

    Blessing (Long Version) - Vocaloid

    This score was 100% perfect to what I wanted, thank you so much for posting it! <3
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