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    Old user of 3mle

    Hi there, I'm an old 3mle user from way back. Recently my old version of 3mle version 2 has stopped working. I came to this site to redownload but when I download and open it, a message pops up informing that the program has stopped working and closes. Also, the download for Mabi Beats is only a .rar file, not a zipped folder? How does one run the new program? or is my computer already recognizing I have 3mle already downloaded? *Update/Facepalm*: while typing this post, I realize I had my sound device unplugged. Once inserted, both my old 3mle version 2 and Maple beats started working. I run on window 8.1 ..Odd that is won't run without an external sound device inserted through. Also, Mabi Beats file still .rar file and won't open
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