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  1. ev0lv

    Uploading ms2mml?

    Oh I see, well I put my MML file in but I imagine that that isn't what people will be downloading directly (since MS2 doesn't even accept MML files, after all :P) I'm overall confused how the uploading process even works in the first place I suppose, how do you get the "Download MS2MML file" even get to work in the first place then if you aren't allowed to upload MS2MML files?
  2. ev0lv

    Uploading ms2mml?

    Howdy, new creator (or whatever) here and have been looking to upload my ms2mml files, how do you actually upload those files in the submission process when it only allows you to upload mml files? Tried doing that and it's not going too well, any help is appreciated, thank you!
  3. ev0lv

    Undertale - Metal Crusher

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