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  1. Converted to ms2mml format from this into 3 tracks Track 1 t80p80l1rrrrr4v15l8>b>c+d+n68d+c+2rc+n66c+<b2b16>c+16d+n68d+c+4.f+4d+1a+2o3g+a+b>f+d+4.l16d+e8.d+c+8.c-c+2rg+8a+8b8>f+8d+4.d+e8.d+c+8.f+d+2r<g+8a+8b8>f+8d+4.d+e8.d+c+8.c-c+2.r<b8a+b8.b8b8a+b8.>c+8<g+8a+b2r4r>>f+8b8<<g+4>d+8.c+4&c+<a+8g+8f+4>c+8.<b2rg+4>d+8.c+4&c+c-8c+d+1r<g+4>d+8.c+4&c+<a+8g+8g4>e8.d+4&d+d+8c+<b4&b>d+8c+<b4&ba+8bb4rc+8f+8r4b8>f+f+4.&f+f+8e4e.d+.c+c+d+4.&d+r4c-8c+8d+4.e8d+4c+.c-.f+d+2r4c-8f+f+4&f+l8f+f+g4d+a+a+a+l16a+.g+.a+b1r4d+8c+<b&b4>d+8c+<b&b4a+8bb&b2.l8>g+a+ba+f+c+4.d+<b4.r4g+a+b>f+d+4.l16d+e8.d+c+8.c-c+2r<g+8a+8b8>f+8d+4.d+e8.d+c+8.f+d+2r<g+8a+8b8>f+8d+4.d+e8.d+c+8.c-c+2r4r<b8a+b8.b8b8a+b8.>c+8<g+8a+b2.rl8>>f+b<<g+4>d+.c+4&c+16<a+g+f+4>c+.<b4&b16rf+g+4>d+.c+4&c+16c-c+16d+2&d+f+ed+.<g+4>d+.c+4&c+16<a+g+g4>e.d+4l16&d+d+8c+<b4&b>d+8c+<b4&ba+8bb8.>f+8e8<brb4b8>f+f+4.&f+f+8e4e.d+.c+d+2r4l8c-c+d+4.ed+4l16c+.c-.f+d+2r4c-8f+f+4&f+l8f+f+g4d+a+a+a+l16a+.g+.a+b1r4d+8c+<bb4>d+8c+<b4&ba+8bb2.rl8>b>c+d+n68d+c+2&c+c+n66c+<b4.rb16>c+16d+n68d+c+4f+4d+2.<a+b>f+d+n68d+c+2&c+c+n66c+<brl16b>c+d+c+d+8<b1b4a+4b4>c+1<c-8f+f+4.&f+f+8e4e.d+.c+c+d+2r8.c-8c+d+4.&d+e8d+4c+.c-.f+d+2r4c-8f+f+4.&f+l8f+g4d+a+a+a+l16a+.g+.a+b1r4d+8c+<b4&b>d+8c+<b4&ba+8bb2r4r>d+8c+<b4&b>d+8c+<b4&ba+8bb1 Track 2 t80l1.rrrrr2>g+1br1rv12<g+4.g+16b4e4r16>a+1<g+1f+2f+2g+2f+l4.d+d+8<a+8f+>c+c+8d+4c-8d+8<bbb8f+a+8b>d+4d+d+8<a+2r8n34g+4f+er8c+r8f+>d+2l8<ec-b.c-4d+16a+4.d+b.b.d+l16bd+4rc-8b8.c-4d+g2b8a+b8.d+4d+4ef+l8bc-4.g4.d+bd+c+1.>g+2e2f+1>d+2<f+4.g+1r<g+eg+b>g+e4.<f+f+>c+f+r2<bc+eb1.rn51eg+b>g+e4.<f+d+f+>c+f+2<b1rf+16ba+>f+16d+2d+<eg+n51a+f+e4n49d+f+>c+4<d+ba+16b16bc+eb4a+16bf+4r16d+>ba+16b>d+c+<b.d+<eg+n51a+2rl16n34d+a+8d+8.d+a+b8.d+8bc+a+b4.ra+bf+4.l8>>d+c+d+<f+2r<c-b16e<b.a+16>d+16a+n34rd+ba+16b.d+b16d+<f+.bl16>be8<bg+8a+>d+g8<a+8r8>d+g+b8a+b8.d+8b8d+8.c-ef+l8b<bra+>gn34rd+bd+l1c+.>g+2e.rrr.l8ra+b>f+e<<eg+n51a+f+4.n66d+f+n49bl16>>g+a+ba+b8e1.<c+1r4g+8>d+d+8.<<c-8be8<b8.a+>d+a+8<a+4>d+8b8a+b8.d+8bd+8<f+8.b8>bd+8<bg+8a+>d+g8<a+4>d+g+b8a+b8.d+8b8d+8.c-ef+l8b<b4a+>g<a+4>d+bd+c+1r4>bl16a+g+g+4.a+g+e4f+4d+1 Track 3 t80v15l8g+a+b>f+d+4.l16d+e8.d+c+8.c-c+2r<g+8a+8b8>f+8d+4.d+e8.d+c+8.f+d+2.rv13g+8a+8l2ef+d+n56ef+g+1r1l8<<eeg+b2rd+d+f+>c+2rc+c+e.<f+2r16g+>d+a+br2eeg+b2rd+d+f+n61d+2c+2<f+2c-.ba+>f+16d+2<e1d+1c+c+4.l2<f+g+1>e<f+4e4d+1n37f+b1ed+g+f+ed+g+f+ed+g+f1.>>e<f+b1>g+d+4.er8<f+e1d+1c+<f+g+8>d+8b8a+16br16e1d+1c+<f+b1>ef+d+n32c+<f+g+l16g+>d+a+b>d+4l2<e<f+4e4d+g+n37f+l8b>f+n51f+l2>d+<<ed+g+f+ed+g+f+ed+g+f1.>>e<f+1.>>ef+d+n56ef+1ro2en42d+>g+c+8a+16b8>e16br8<f+g1.<ed+g+f+ed+g+f+ed+g+f1.>>e<f+b1
  2. You need a 10k sheet, its not the full song though Attack on Titan - Guren no Yumiya [10k].ms2mml
  3. Hisokai

    Request: Kygo & Selena Gomez - It ain't me.

    10k sheet Selena Gomez & Kygo It Ain't Me [10k].ms2mml
  4. Hisokai

    Jennie Kim (BLACKPINK) - Solo

    Its not very good but here you go. Need a 10k sheet Blackpink SOLO.ms2mml
  5. Hisokai

    Question about submitting music

    Your melody with a single tempo would look like this and taking up 80 less notes (when all the spaces and linebreaks in yours are deleted).
  6. Hisokai

    Question about submitting music

    3MLEdoes use the tempo universally and you can also do this in a way in game with notelenght. In the example you've given you can instead do t176l1rrrr to achieve your t44rrrr and it can save you space even further as once you have tempo set adjusting the notelenght with "l1" "l2" etc is one less character than putting in "t44" or "t88" and this is also recognised as a feature on 3MLE so it wouldnt mess anything up when putting your tracks in there. Edit. It can also be even more compressed with t176l1.rr if you have a really long rest duration. (not best for this example as its so short but you get the idea (i hope). As for your question about approval, I have no answers to.
  7. Hisokai

    Alexandre Desplat - The Meadow

    5k Sheet Alexandre Desplat - New Moon (The Meadow) [5k].ms2mml
  8. Not true. Loud is not always better and in most cases makes it worse.
  9. Hisokai

    Alice in 冷凍庫 by Orangestar

    And the ensemble version. I don't know how many mistakes I made in this as I've not tested it so it might be off a lot. Tested the song and it plays okay. There's a part that I should have left out of the harmonica and add to another instrument instead but its such a small bit that I can't be bothered really. To make the ensemble work with meso instruments only you can replace the Harmonica with a clarinet and the bass with a harp. Alice - Big Drum [3k].ms2mml Alice - Cymbals [10kk].ms2mml Alice - Harmonica [3k].ms2mml Alice - Piano [5k].ms2mml Alice - Pick Bass [3k].ms2mml Alice - Small Drum [3k].ms2mml
  10. Hisokai

    Alice in 冷凍庫 by Orangestar

    10k sheet Alice [10k].ms2mml
  11. Hisokai

    Hunter x Hunter ED 5 & 6 - Hyori Ittai

    The volume kinda goes all over the place. Also I made this song for a single 10k sheet as I like it very much. Hyori Ittai [10k][03;30].ms2mml
  12. Hisokai

    Request: Diablo 2 Tristram mml

    The best I could make is 2 sheets for piano ensemble, maybe it will work on guitars too? I haven't tested that. There's a couple parts that currently don't sound alright that I might fix in the future but I'm kind of feeling lazy so don't expect that. 10k and 5k sheets. Tristram 1, 10k (MS2).ms2mml Tristram 2, 5k (MS2).ms2mml
  13. Would this 10k sheet be close enough? 10k Bloody Stream.ms2mml
  14. Hisokai

    Kimi no na wa OST - Nandemonaiya (Solo Ver.)

    Awesome song but if you just delete all linebreaks and the start from the second track that just repeats the notes played in the first track you can fit it in a 5k sheet as per my attachment. But if you want to have a bit more complex one on 10k I have you covered as well. 5k Nandemonaiya fix (MS2).ms2mml RADWIMPS - Nandemonaiya 10K (MS2).ms2mml
  15. Hisokai

    Call of Silence - Attack on Titan

    5k sheet, 2 different versions so you can pick which one you like more. Attack on Titan - Call of Silence (MS2).ms2mml Attack on Titan - Call of Silence v.2 (MS2).ms2mml
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