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  1. KaceyCat

    Camille Saint-Saëns - Danse Macabre

  2. KaceyCat


    it me tis I the frenchiest fry Get ready for me to be not very active, and to show up randomly with classical music.
  3. ...Never mind, I just saw the announcement banner. ?‍♀️ Hooray for an inability to notice such things. Still I guess you guys can see the piece from the attachment until Maple Solos is opened back up, so there's that.
  4. Hey, so I'm new here. I took it upon myself for Spooky Month (I did actually finish it on October 31st, but that was as a duet and only now did I find out about the program's ability to simplify tracks) to remake the classical piece Danse Macabre to play in-game (For a first project, I couldn't pick something simpler? No. No I couldn't. The only way for me to learn is go big.). I went about it the totally difficult way and found a pdf file of piano sheet music for a piano soloist to play the whole thing, then retyped it by hand note by note into 3ML and finally had the program simplify it (It was originally double its current size, and after letting the program simplify it, it's still almost 10k). I can see where to submit duets or Mabi solos, but not Maple solos. Help? I see no MapleBeats Solo section under the 'Create' dropdown. For those of you who want to see it before I officially upload it, I'm including the mml file as an attachment so you can see the monstrosity that has plagued me for quite some time now. Danse Macabre.mml
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