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  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Promised Grace

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      Intermediate (5K Notes) Clarinet

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      The song from the Veo Lu Sluice dungeon in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for the Nintendo GameCube. Recommended to play on the clarinet, but this is not required.

      Long ago, peace returned to this tumultuous land, and Lilties kept the highways safe. At long last, travelers walked the roads without fear of monsters. The Yukes constructed a great sluice to channel water down from Lake Shella, transforming Jegon creek into a great river. Over time, the river turned the vast plains of Fum into farmland, thereby providing food to people the world over. To us, this sluice is more important than anything.
      —Narration, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

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       2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

    Love this song! Nicely done.

    Only complaint is that it's a little too loud but that's easy to fix.

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    Sounds so good! Is a bit loud, but definitely using this one.

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