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  • Chrono Cross - Scars of Time

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      Intermediate (5K Notes) Guitar

      Download MS2MML File
      How do I use this?

      Author Comment

      Transcribed from: https://musescore.com/starstabbedmoon/scores/161033

      Somehow the ms2mml here has part of the song at the original tempo, rather than the sped up tempo as it should. I'm trying to fix this currently, but for now if you want the ms2mml, I have it on my site with the proper tempos: https://www.andyplays.com/2018/11/chrono-cross-scars-of-time-perfoming-in.html

      Edit: I think I fixed it, but I also think it needs time to update the preview and the download file?

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    I love you for showing love to one of the most special and underrated JRPGs ever made. In love with these dude keep em coming!

    Response from the author:

    Somehow the ms2mml file doesn't have the proper tempos? or maybe it's just me. I have a working ms2mml here, https://www.andyplays.com/2018/11/chrono-cross-scars-of-time-perfoming-in.html

    I'll try to fix it here but it'll take some time since it keeps sounding off when I try to edit the tempos in the original mml. No idea why it works on my personal conversion to ms2mml rather than here.


    Edit: I think i fixed it!

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