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      Maestro (10K Notes) Piano

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      As requested on the Musical Nexus Discord!

      Comes out to 7,265 notes. Feels a little lacking without the drums, but it's still pretty good!


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    · Edited by Ozonol

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    Man I've been trying to get this converted for a couple days now then someone showed me this website thanks! Would be cool to have someone play the drums on the timpani xD Thanks a lot!

    Response from the author:

    Of course, you're very welcome~ You could always make a second copy of the score to hand to a second player with a timpani and play it together as an Ensemble--could turn out well~ Tried it in 3MLE and it actually sounded pretty good!

    If you do this, I recommend deleting the last 2 Harmonies, and changing the volumes from V15 to v13 on the rest, for the Timpani score.

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    I love it man. But this song always makes me sad!

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