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  • Kimi no Na wa - Mitsuha's Theme

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      Beginner (3K Notes) Piano

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      Another one that I pulled straight from the official sheet music - converted it by hand measure by measure. Dynamics go from v5 to v15 for changes between piano and forte. You'll definitely be able to hear the crescendos and diminuendos. For arpeggiated chords, I added a r64 before the third of the chord and a r32 for the fifth. I'm not super satisfied with how it sounds, but it definitely sounds pretty decent. In terms of # of characters, it's not optimized, but since it's under 3K I figured that's fine. 

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    Whoa, you pulled it from the sheet music? Good work. I can read music, but I haven't felt motivated enough to do that yet. 

    Response from the author:

    Yeah, it was all manually entered in. Truly a pain, but I think it sounds better than most other arrangements out there. I probably could have done a pdf to midi to mml conversion, but I kinda liked spending the time doing it by hand.

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