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    Trails in the Sky the 3rd - Castle of Illusions

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      Part 1 Maestro (10K Notes) Piano

      Part 2 Maestro (10K Notes) Piano

      Part 3 Intermediate (5K Notes) Timpani

      Part 4 Maestro (10K Notes) Pan Flute

      Part 5 Intermediate (5K Notes) Harp

      Part 6 Beginner (3K Notes) Bass Guitar

      Part 7 Maestro (10K Notes) Tom Tom

      Part 8 Maestro (10K Notes) Trumpet

      Part 9 Intermediate (5K Notes) Harpsichord

      Download MS2MML File
      How do I use this?

      Author Comment

      Harpsichord can be replaced with violin

      Timpani can be replaced with big drum

      Bass can be any bass, or even a harp

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