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    Mabinogi 3MLE Updated with Drum Kit Support!

    Hi All, The new Drum Kit is out on Mabinogi so we have updated our 3MLE for Mabinogi to include support for it! Here is a handy key guide below for what each note is for the drum kit. This key was put together by @Blargel. Drum Kit Key Octave 2 F : Bass Drum G : Tom (Low) A : Snare Drum (Normal) B : Snare Drum (Rim Shot) Octave 3 C : Stick Tap D : Snare Drum (Ghost) E : Tom (Middle) F : Tom (High) G : Hi Hat (Open) A : Hi Hat (Closed) B : Hi Hat (Foot) Octave 4 C : Crash Cymbal (Normal) D : Crash Cymbal (Choked) E : Ride Cymbal (Normal) F : Ride Cymbal (Cup?) I have also updated the instrument drop down list in 3MLE to be similar to how we do it for Maple Beats so that the instruments are more closely grouped with their instrument "family".
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