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    Welcome to Mabi Beats!


    Hello everyone, and welcome to Mabi Beats Beta! :hi:


    I am Yasuno (A.K.A Yasuno from MabiMML.co in 2013 or Yasunochan in the Alexina server) I originally stopped MabiMML.co due to real life issues and did not renew the domain as well so it was lost in the process. I decided to use the name MabiBeats since this is a music site.. and it made sense (to me!). There have been several changes and improvements since the previous V3 of MabiMML.co.

    First off we now have Multi-Part support in the music hall, in the old MabiMML.co it only supported Solo plays.. Multi-Part support was something that i wanted to support on the old site but was not able to find an efficient way to do so. Also, we now have categorized music which was another often requested feature. Once you enter into a specific hall such as the Solo Music Hall, or Duet Hall, etc... on the right hand side of the page you will see categories for many types of music genre's that we can place submissions into. Also, now when inside a particular music category you are able to arrange the submissions and filter them any way you see fit.. by most views, highest rating, best reviews, by instrument type, etc. You can also now leave reviews on submissions, as well as comments.. comment threads are more for discussions with the submitter or author while reviews are your actual opinion of the submitted piece.

    The submission form itself has been cleaned up so now it only shows as many blanks, as the category you are in. For instance if you are in the Solo Hall you will not see 5 instrument part slots for submitting you will only see enough spots for a solo piece. There are many other minor differences in layout, but for the most part it should remain familiar.

    The community forums have been cleaned up as well, it is now much more stream lined and more simple to navigate i have left off a lot of "fluff" that we had in the previous versions. This now focuses on the music hall and discussion in general, instead of a bunch of systems we did not use or only a small portion of people used. Searching is now quicker, and can be more specific as well.

    There are a few more changes to come, but this should be a decent start.. I look forward to the new submissions! Also, All submissions are still reviewed before being approved into the music hall listing to prevent spam or unneeded listings that just spam one note. We do still have a verified composer rank and that will be given out to users who compose their own music from scratch and not just submit something they found around the internet.

    We will also be adding back a showcase hall, which is a feature we had in V1 of MabiMML which allowed composers to submit songs they wrote themself into the hall to be listened to, but it did not show the music code. That way you can get reviews and comments of songs you have wrote, but may not want to share and have it over played in-game.

    Soon, after we get the community going we will be having our first music creation contest for 50K NX so look forward to that! Please note that we are still sorting some things, such as generation of previews... some will sound just like it does in Mabi, while some will sound "generated" and not exactly like Mabi we are having to test some different methods with song generations.


    Still being worked on

    • 6 Person Ensemble Category (Finished & Added)
    • 7 Person Ensemble Category
    • 8 Person Ensemble Category
    • Showcase Hall
    • Event Hall
    • F.A.Q for the Music Hall's
    • 3ML Informational Pages Finished
    • Minor Template edits, and "look/feel" changes
    • Community Rules & Guidelines Finished
    • Privacy Policy Finished
    • Policy dealing with material that violates or infringes another's rights Finished (Part of ToS and Privacy Policy)
    • Get approved as an official Nexon fan site. Approved recently via e-mail, should show up on website soon.
    • Community Ranks & Perks (Verified Composer rank is available though) (Finished & Added)
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