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    Tanino promoted to SSR! & Private Message System Notice


    Hello everyone! 

    First i would like to congratulate @tanino on being promoted to the Song Submission Review (SSR) team from Verified Composer. He will be assisting me with the approval queue, and helping me get it caught up. He can also move submissions into different categories if you accidentally put it in the wrong one. I will be looking to offer the SSR position to more people in the future, however one stipulation is that you must be an active user of the site and preferably an active contributor.

    Also, on a side note i will also be eventually looking to fill "Forum Moderator" positions, the SSR staff are mods of ONLY the Music Hall's but have no mod power on the forums. I am keeping those ranks separate to prevent an over lap problem. Now that @tanino is assisting with approvals i will work on finishing and adding the rest of the music halls and fixing up the download and information pages of the MabiBeats 3MLE Editor pages.



    For my second point, id like to address an issue that has come to my attention about the private message system. Apparently a massive PM is being sent around and inviting users to take part in a 3rd party/external service. While i have no issues with what the service is itself, when the user is using our web traffic and Private Message system to poach users it does not bode well.

    But, unfortunately the private message system is usually an issue on ANY community, for ANY type of subject. Because of the recent abuse of the system they reminded me to fix the permissions and limits system on the private messages. The new limits are now in place for Members, and Verified Composers.


    Private Message Conversations allowed to start per day: 2

    Maximum recipients per conversation: 1


    If continued abuse of the PM system is found it will be disabled entirely for the normal Members and VC Group. Staff ranks such as Forum Moderator, SSR, and Admins still have unlimited usage to send you messages in the case that we have questions about a submission or need to reject the submission for various reasons.



    Thanks for reading, and continuing to work with us to improve the site, remember to post suggestions to us! I will be finishing up a lot of the to-do list now that i have assistance with approvals!



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