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    Site + Server Upgrades complete!



    Hi all, we finally have completed our server migration and move of our websites. With it comes much improved site stability, faster loading times, and just an overall better site going experience! Unfortunately our old host who we had been with for over a year starting showing serious service degradation with in the last few months and refused to fix their back end mysql cluster which was causing endless time outs for us especially during busy times, we currently reach 1.6 million hits a month on just mabibeats! So thanks to our staff members @A_Dirty_Couch and @cookies1 who helped provide money to get us our own dedicated server! It's quite beefy to as we got it on a good special/sale from the data center. Our new dedicated server is not only beefy, but we have unlimited bandwidth and 6 terabytes of hard drive space to use!


    Coming up next i will be releasing the showcase hall! Stay tuned for further updates and community enhancements as well.


    If you run across any bugs, please let me know or post it on the forums!


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