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Search Feature need to be more able to differentiate Types of Submissions


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To replicate:

Have one Jam, and one Solo song with the same name.

When you type it on the search, you will see both, with the same name, and no way to differentiate.

The only way I have found to notice which is which, is the URL which appears when I hover through each of the options.

I suggest that the type of Request is added to the song in the Search List, somewhere.



"Song XYZ"-3 Person Ensemble

"Song XYZ"- 1 Person Ensemble

something like that.

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the thing is, the dropdown makes no difference between a Solo and a Ensemble.

At least with my songs, which have the same name for solo and ensemble, the only way to see which link is which, is by URL. (or trial and error)


So both the dynamic dropdown, and the search results page need this update.

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