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The economy is pretty bad in all of the servers as far as I can recollect, but out of all of them, I think Ruairi Server is probably the least bad. Don't take my word for law though. And as far as whether it's newb friendly or not, I cannot tell you, but I've recently switched full-time to Ruairi Server and I enjoy it here far more than I did in the other 3 servers. This is just my honest opinion though, and if you want a more accurate scope of what the servers are like, i suggest checking the servers out for yourself. You have 6 characters + an elf assistant card and a giant assistant card for free. Make one character for each server you want to try out, and if you like it there over the others, then you can start investing more into that server. (plus you'll have 4 extra character slots in case you messed up your character build, or typo'd your name, or need extra bank or inventory space, or something of the like.)

Either way, welcome.

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Welcome! :D I agree that the economy's pretty bad across all servers, though Tarlach's especially I heard was bad (as well as it being the least populated iirc). In terms of a balance between economy, population, and a noob-friendly server, I'd prolly go with Ruairi or Alexina personally. I don't know much about Mari, so I can't say much there.

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