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hOl!! New player here, i was directed here by other players (shoutout to Galleyus(i think i got it right) on Mari server).

Im from EU playing on Mari server. Looking forward to playing music and entertaining people with all the content you lovely creators have made.

Currently R9 on composing. I am pretty much incompetent myself when it comes to actual composing, so... lend me a hand?

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You know the books you use to level up your composing?keep em.They pretty much outline everything you need to know about composing by hand.It's tedious,but the way i do it is to slowly transfer a song from the sheet music into mml code,based on what the book say.I write that mml code out on paper for later reference,then i transfer it into the game.Currently I'm working on a jam piece of The Devil Went Down To Georgia.However,I won't be finishing it any time soon.Unless someone hands me the books of composing from rank 6 to 1,of course.Because i refuse to do L-Rod exploration,which is required for r6.

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Welcome! :D If I remember correctly, I believe the MabinogiWorld wiki also has some composing information, as well as copies of the contents inside the books. 3MLE is also an option, if you'd like to use that, as well, though it may seem a little intimidating at first to some.

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