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How do I use 3MLE, and make some MMLs?

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Hey, I'm completely new to 3MLE or composing songs as a whole, and I just want to know how do I actually turn a midi file into an MML, especially if it has more than 3 tracks? Apologies if there's already some thread for this, I'm still completely new to this site, and 3MLE.

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I think I have multiple simplified methods on how to reduced cluttered tracks so that it fits within the 3 track limit posted somewhere. I'll just have to find it.



-Some midis do have echo effects, which could count as an extra unnecessary track. You could remove the echo parts and it'll be a much more compact midi file to work with.
-As well, tracks that are exactly the same as another could be removed too. You just have to look closely through your list of tracks and if you find any duplicates, simply omit those out of your final product.
-Get rid of tracks that otherwise don't really add much into the song, or mix them in with another track (see below for that). You will have to play the song multiple times and determine your judgement on whether or not the track is worth omitting or not.
-Even after you get rid of those effects, some midis still have like 4-5 tracks left, which means you'll have to learn to add and subtract from here. Search the song file for long pauses in each track, and then fill in the gaps from something from another track that doesn't have a pause at the time. This will help shorten the amount of tracks a midi can have. Mixing and matching helps when trying to make a solo score.
-If you do all of that, and your song is way too long to be considered a Rank 1 solo score, cut it off at the end, and add a fade-out to the end by gradually decreasing the track volume until the end.

Failing all of that, if you've done all of the above, and your song is still above 3 tracks (as in, plays more than 3 notes at a time at once), then your song just isn't meant to be played solo, and you'll have to work it as a jam.

This is just in general, my tips on how to condense a song to 3 tracks. It's really all based on judgment and whether or not you feel some things need changing or omitting in general. There are also advanced methods to cut down on the amount of tracks, but these are just the basics.

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