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Well, you clicked it. So now I'm forced to talk about myself. ARE YOU PROUD!?

Nice to meet you all, I am Yukaki (Yoo-kuh-kee). I go by the character name of Yukaki on the Alexina server on Mabinogi. I played the game many years ago but after a year, I went on a long hiatus. Coming back to the game, I found so many things were different. Among them being how people seem to want to play music, but not as many people compose music anymore. Well, I'm hoping to contribute to the people left out there who still compose. Either in Mabinogi or other games that use MML. I always regretted not composing when I played all those years ago, so I suppose this is me making up for it.

I do use MLE3 when I compose, but I'm hoping I can get my character's composing skill level up so I can compose higher-level songs. Anyone else plays on the Alexina server, feel free to send me a note. It's always nice to make friends.

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Late welcome back \o/
Your IGN sounds familiar to me... Maybe I'm just overthinking though.

I want to add you, but I don't go on as often anymore... '-'

If you have any songs that require r1 and want them into a score, feel free to ask.
A good number of us on the site can make them for you.

Again, welcome back and welcome to the Mabi Beats community.
We all look forward to what you have for show. c:
Ciao for now~ :byeb:

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