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Mabinogi Discord Server (x-post from the Mabinogi Forums)

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So some guy named Tosukeno from Alexina saw an apparent lack of a global Mabinogi Discord server, so they went ahead and made one! It's a small server for now, but hopefully it'll grow into something big!

For those that don't know what Discord is:

It's like IRC met Skype met Teamspeak... It's pretty good for what all it offers, and it's constantly getting new features. There's a reason its slowly blowing up. :^)

(It also doesn't eat up your computer, like Skype does! And you can join in using a smartphone, too!)

I'm not Tosukeno, but here's what they said on the initial reddit thread for the Discord server: 

Howdy! I'm (Tosukeno). I am an admin for an Undertale Discord of 211 and growing. I recently noticed that Discord lacked a Mabinogi server (having played since 2008), so I built one from the ground up! It includes:

  • Roles to specify what server you're from (and what channels you'll see!)
  • Five serverless channels that anyone can talk in - general, beanrua, events, metagame, and generations
  • Four channels per server - general, combat, marketplace, and guildsearch
  • Four serverless voice channels
  • Three voice channels per server

I hope to see this server grow, and eventually become an active place for us to discuss the game we love. If you're interested in becoming a mod as it develops, #welcome has a tidbit on how to apply. Thanks for reading! The invite is at the bottom.


Please check it out! :D 

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