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Does anyone know how to use a tie/slur in 3MLE or MML?


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     First off, someone PLEASE tell me if I posted this in the wrong topic, or if this question has already been answered. I tried looking for anything about this, but I'm coming up with nothing. ;-;

     Anyways, basically I'm working on changing sheet music to midi for the song "A Little Pain" from the anime Nana. The link below is the sheet music I'm referring to, and on measure five (and further, too) there's a tie. Knowing about slurs would be pretty nice too, but right now I'm only worrying about ties.


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Aren't slurs just a grouping of notes to be played without any breaks in between? Just don't put any rests between the notes in a slur.

basically, and ties are & notes.

a2&a8 for example tie into one half note extended by an eighth note (it's all still one note). Just experiment with using different note values, it's easy to get the hang of.

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