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Comparison between Instrument Ranges, and more

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I plan on making a comprehensive guide on how 3MLE gives us limitations on how wide are the ranges 

of each instrument, and how it compares to the actual in-game limitations. Maybe there is one which isnt the same.

Also, most importantly, this will help us compare the different Instrument Ranges.

This is to avoid, for example, submitting a song that works in 3MLE, but then the SSR (kindly) notice that one note is missing

because the real in-game limitations are different.


I would love to have everyone's contribution, specially on getting together the data and comparison for each instrument.

Maybe when its done we can make it into a full fledged comparison guide.

To start it off, from my experiences with the Lyre


3MLE top note it can play:  o6 g+

3MLE bottom note it can play: o0 a

In-game top note it can play: o6 g+

In-game bottom note it can play: ???


And with the Lute:

3MLE top: o7 e

3MLE bottom: o1 e

In-game top: ??

In-game bottom: ??

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Is there actually an instance of an observed difference in the ranges on 3mle and in game? That's what I want to know.

3mle and in game Tuba

Bottom o1 C ~ anything below will be silent.

Top o4 b ~ anything above will start from o3 C and up until it goes silent at o8c.


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I dont mind if there is a list already.

As long as it is made even more available to us.

Maybe if we get a direct link to that guide?

So this topic can be closed too, then.

Ty everyone for the help ♥

P.S. Does that list have Harp already?

I added Harp as soon as I saw it was released. I also added all the other instruments from the other MSXSpirit.dls files last night. You can do w/e with the list of instrument ranges I made for my MML 101 guide

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