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Anyone Got the Files for new instrument for 3mle?

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I'm not sure where to get the files, but I found a link that apparently has 3MLE with the new harp:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/gfqwb1axh1urk1s/3ML Editor 2 (2015-11-20).7z?dl=01


Edit: Just tried it out, definitely has the new Harp, which I had no idea it would sound a lot more different. Debating whether it's worth it to actually get one...

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Hiya~! Blargel made a file for us with the harp in it and edited so it basically stays in English.
When Yasuno settles in his place and when he has time there should be an update so we will tell you when you can download it to update.
Thank you for your understanding if you have any further questions you should ask here or send a PM

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Couldn't quite access that file properly (was corrupt from my view) but did take advantage of the MSX sprites, from presets and soundfonts and updated the one I had already. Now if only I can figure out how to properly reverb the harp without minor cracking but making it still audible.. Thank you, cheers, and Merry "whatever you celebrate".

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