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Ivy's Skill Guide To: Archery and Throwing attack (WIP)


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Please note that this guide assumes you already know about Combat power (CP) and basic information regarding player stats. If you don't, i recommend you first take a look at Falaflame's guide or the Mabinogi Wikia.

I might add that I may be a little biased towards elven archery, since I did not fully try the human version. If there is anything that seems to miss, please do tell me.

(Information and pictures from the Mabinogi Wiki have been used to complement this guide.)

1. Overview

Archery is a talent restricted to Humans and Elves to use. Its main focus is to help support the melee players on the front line, with the main goal of themselves staying out of harm's way. It emphasizes fighting with ranged weapons, such as Bows and Crossbows. It was meant to be one of the talents in which elves would shine, but it turns out instead that both races are somewhat on equal footing due to skill and ability differences.

The giant way of using ranged attacks, on the other side, is Javelin Throwing with an Atlatl, using the Throwing attack skill. I will cover this part down below after Human and elven archery for easier reading and general comprehension, since it is not a talent in itself.

Now let's have a look at those skills:

Ranged Attack.png Ranged Attack: The Basic archery skill. You need either a Bow or a Crossbow equipped, as well as the correct projectile (Arrows and Bolts respectively) to use. It enables, like its name says, to attack from a ranged distance. The type of weapon you have equipped will affect said range. It is noteworthy that Bows in general have a better range than crossbows. The skill's aim bonus does not affect Crash shot or Magnum Shot. Ranged Attack and all Archery fire can be dodged with the Evasion skill, also usable by some monsters and enemies, like the Cessair in Saga.

Note: Players with high latency might not have their aiming meter synchronized with the server.

Race Particularities:


  • Shoots two arrows per shot.
    •  If one arrow misses, the other will miss as well.
    • It is possible to put an enemy in deadly with the first shot and to finish them with the second one.
    • If an enemy uses Defense, only one arrow will hit. (Both arrows are still used)
  • Can run while the skill is charged, as well as to charge the skill while running.
  • Can use the skill on a mount.
    • Elves cannot use it while mounted on a pet that can use flight, with the exception of Pegasi, Dragons and the Crystal Deer
  • The aiming Meter goes up to 100%.
    • If the opponent is standing still, max aim meter is 100%.
    • If the opponent is walking, max aim meter is 95%.
    • If the opponent is running, max aim meter is 90%.
    • If the character is moving, max aim meter is 50%.
    • Aiming at 70% or higher has an increased chance to hit, despite what is listed. How much is increased is currently unknown.


  • Shoots one arrow per shot.
    • The enemy will not be knocked back with a single shot. It is possible, however, to knock back with multiple shots.
  • The aiming Meter goes up to 100%.
    • If the opponent is standing still, max aim meter is 100%.
    • If the opponent is walking, max aim meter is 95%.
    • If the opponent is running, max aim meter is 90%.
    • Occasionally an enemy may be just outside the player's range despite the game showing them as in range, causing your attacks to miss.
    • Aiming speed multiplier increases with higher rank.
  • Stunning with this skill triggers most monsters to attempt to use a basic attack on the player.
    • Critical hits will reset the monster's AI instead.
    • This is dependent on the Monster's AI.

Magnum Shot.png Magnum Shot: The smash equivalent for archery. It has a slower aim draw, but it is considerably more powerful and will knock back your opponent, unless they have range resistance or knockback immunity. Uses one missile per shot.

 Note: Will not knock down opponents using Defense with a Shield equipped, given the shot does not kill or place the target into Deadly status.

Starting from Rank 5, Magnum Shot can cause Splash Damage.

Race differences:


  • Elves can use Magnum Shot while Mounted, but the Mount will be slowed to a walking pace while the skill is active.
  • The slowdown can be avoided by setting a waypoint before loading Magnum Shot.
  • Shorter cooldown compared to humans.


Support Shot.png Support Shot: Weakens the enemy and makes them vulnerable for a short period of time, increasing the damage done by the next melee attack, fighter attack, or Flash Launcher that strikes the enemy by a fixed percentage.


  • Blaze's damage, both the initial blow and explosion, are affected by Support Shot.
  • Hydra Transmutation's tick damage is also affected by Support Shot.
  • An enemy hit by Support Shot is stunned for 4 seconds.
  • Using the skill on an already weakened target will overwrite the effects of the previous support shot.
  • The aiming speed of support shot is increased by your rank in Ranged Attack.
  • Support Shot does not affect the Knockdown Gauge of an enemy.
  • If Support Shot is used against an enemy who is in the process of being knocked back, the enemy's recovery animation will be skipped.
  • Attacks from a summoned Golem will not count towards Support Shot's melee attack.

Crash Shot.png Crash Shot: A skill that fires an arrowhead, which senses enemies using the same principle as an Ice Mine. If the arrowhead detects nearby enemies when it pierces your target, it will detonate, splintering its fragments to hit other enemies. Remember to aim at enemies at the center of a crowd. If there are no other enemies around, the arrowhead will not detonate.

  • Fragments are released one second after the initial hit only if there are other targets within the explosion radius.
  • Explosion radius is based on the target's location just before the fragments are released.
  • Fragments will not target Barrier Spikes.
  • Targets hit by the fragments will not aggro the user.
  • If the initial target is still alive after detonation, it will be pushed back and take damage equal to:(Initial Target Fragment Damage * # of Enemies Hit) + 100%.
  • Critical Hit calculation for the initial hit and fragments are separate.
  • Ignores enemy protection.

Urgent Shot.png Urgent Shot: A safeguard skill that is meant to be used when the user misses a shot. Once activated, it will fire a shot that will knock back the enemy. After use, it will also increase the aiming speed of your next attack, including Magnum shot and Crash shot.

The player has 3 seconds to use the skill after a miss or it will cancel.

  • Unlike other Archery Skills, Urgent Shot has no aim time, meaning that shot cannot miss. The shot is also instantly fired upon use.
  • This also prevents Evasion and Luck's passive evasion from avoiding Urgent Shot.
  • However if the target moves out of the weapon's effective range as the skill is being used, Urgent Shot will miss.

Critical Hit.png Critical Hit: Passively increases the chance to land Critical hits.

Bow Mastery.png Bow Mastery: Passively increases bow aim speed and minimum/maximum damage.

Crossbow Mastery.png Crossbow Mastery: Passively increases Crossbow aim speed and minimum/maximum damage, Critical chance, and Armor Pierce when using crossbow weapons.. The critical bonus from this skill, as well as the master title, will be applied to the player's magic critical provided they have a crossbow type weapon equipped.

Human- Exclusive:

Arrow Revolver.png Arrow Revolver: The human version of Final Shot. The user charges up 5 arrows they can use at once, until the skill's effect wears off. Be aware, if you are knocked down while the skill is used, it will cancel out. Each shot fired successively will obtain a damage percentage bonus. As such, when a user shots off 5 arrows successively at rank 1, the fifth shot will do 190% of a normal arrow's damage.

  • Each shot must be aimed separately.
  • The firing delay between each shot is dependent on the weapon's Attack Speed.
  • Should the weapon's durability reach 0 before all shots are fired, it is still possible to fire off the remaining number of missiles.
  • The skill can be loaded again if the user has less than 5 missiles remaining. This will reset the number of shots available to 5.
  • While the skill is loaded, the user will be slowed to a walk.
    • Using a Crossbow allows the user to run freely.
  • Arrow Revolver's cooldown restarts after every shot.
    • The cooldown only applies to loading the skill, and not the individual shots.
    • Starting at Rank 5, the first shot gains an aim bonus; the aiming meter starts at the number listed, greatly improving aiming speed.


Mirage Missile.png Mirage Missile: Fires an arrow/bolt that afflicts the target with the mirage status effect, steadily draining their HP over time while decreasing their Movement Speed. The mirage can spread to other nearby enemies.

  • Antidote potions cannot cure the poison effect, as it is not the same than regular poisoning.
  • Mirage damage can be increased with higher Intelligence and Dexterity.
  • If the target is killed by the arrow/bolt, the mirage effect will still spread to surrounding enemies, however the killing blow may knock the enemy away from others and outside of the mirage range.
  • Mirage damage ticks every 3 seconds.
  • The shock effect will also spread to nearby monsters in "sleep" states (e.g. Mimics, Sulfur Golems, etc.) without "waking" them.
  • Mirage damage cannot score criticals, only the initial arrow.
  • Mirage damage can kill the target.
  • Mirage damage bypasses Mana Shield and Invulnerability.
  • The user has to stand still to aim, and will be forced to walk if they move with the skill up.

Final Shot.png Final Shot: The elven Final Hit. Teleportation time and the duration of the skill gets better with higher ranks. The user can use shift+ clicking to teleport somewhere while the skill is in use.

  • While active:
    • The aiming speed of all Archery Skills is increased.
    • The user gains an immunity to stun from enemy archery attacks.
  • When used, a green bar appears under the HP bar, representing Final Shot's duration.
    • The bar temporarily disappears when loading any Archery Skill.
    • As of Renovation update, using teleportation will not reduce the skill's time anymore.
  • Starting at Rank 5, Ranged Attack will start aiming at 50%.
  • Cannot be used on a Mount.

Falcon Transformation Mode:

Elven Magic Missile.png Elven Magic MissileThe ultimate long-range skill, Elven Magic Missile is only attainable by those who have proven themselves as true descendants of Irinid. It is only available while in Falcon Beast Mode where one can load and unleash an arrow(bow) or magic blast(wand) infused with one of the three elements: Fire, Ice, or Lightning.

  • Requires a Bow, Crossbow, or Wand equipped.
  • You do not need to have the respective Missile equipped to use the skill.
  • Cannot be used with a Combat Wand, Healing Wand, or a staff.
  • Since this is a magic skill, it cannot be used while on a Mount.
  • When the skill is initially used, a wheel with three different sections will appear on the player's screen and begin to spin. Each section of the wheel corresponds to an element: Fire, Ice, and Lightning.
    • At the top of the wheel is a pointer. When an enemy is clicked, the magic missile will be the same element that the pointer is on. To get a desired element, one must be able to time it well.
    • You have about 10 seconds to choose an element before the skill is canceled without effect. The skill's cool-down applies to this cancellation, but not to manual cancellation.
    • Holding the skill for longer increases the power.
    • Power is at maximum when the "charge" animation becomes larger.
    • There is a slight delay before the skill is launched after the element is chosen.
  • Be careful as the skill can still be interrupted during this delay.
  • Each element has a different range, splash radius, and properties.
    • Ice hits the enemies around the player and around the target, as well as the enemies standing between the player and target in a fairly large radius. It also has a freezing effect, making it quite similar to Ice Spear. Protection is ignored during Critical Calculation.
    • Fire hits monsters only directly on the path to the target and a small radius around the target.
    • Lightning hits the target and splashes around the target in a larger radius than fire. It does not hit the enemies on the path to the target or around the player. Lightning has the widest range.
  • Base Damage of Elven Magic Missile is unaffected by the element. However, the usual damage bonuses and deductions from elementals still apply.
  • When using this skill near a campfire, the fire and lightning elemental attack will receive the campfire damage bonus. The ice elemental on the other hand will not have this effect.
  • The skill's damage ignores the enemy's Protection.

Hidden skill: 

Spider Shot.png Spider Shot:  Requires the Apprentice Trapper talent, which consists of Archery, Tailoring and Carpentry talents. Sets a Spider Trap in the shape of a spider web. It will tangle up enemies, immobilizing them. The trap will break after a short time or if it's damaged. Hit the trapped enemy with a ranged attack right away for greater Critical Damage. Must be equipped with a Bow or a Crossbow to use the skill.

  • Requires Spider traps in the player's inventory to use. These can be made via Handcrafting thin thread balls. They can also be bought at the Tir Chonaill General shop keeper, Malcolm, at the price of 10k for 10.
  • Any damage done to a trapped enemy will destroy the trap and free the target.
  • Spider Shot does not aggro targeted enemies.
  • Attacking a trapped enemy will not guarantee a critical hit at a 100% rate.
  • Skill range is equal to attack range of the weapon used.
  • Like Urgent Shot, Spider Shot has no aim time. The skill is instantaneously loaded and fired, and cannot miss.
  • Additionally, Elves cannot use Spider Shot while on a mount.


2. Goals: Master or Usefulness?

Archery is a talent that is very easy to obtain the master talent for, at least for elves. Functionality is already embedded in it due to its mechanics. Regarding human archery, the process of obtaining Arrow revolver makes this skillset a little harder for humans to use until they get the skill.

To reach master:

Elves: Ranged Attack.png Magnum Shot.png Support Shot.png Bow Mastery.png Crossbow Mastery.png Urgent Shot.png Final Shot.png Mirage Missile.png Crash Shot.png

Humans: Ranged Attack.png Magnum Shot.png Support Shot.png Bow Mastery.png Crossbow Mastery.png Urgent Shot.png Arrow Revolver.png Crash Shot.png


For elves, try to get final shot and mirage missile as soon as possible. They are both key skills to have to train the talent, and final shot especially is easy to train and will award you a lot of talent experience. Support shot can be trained for the last few steps until master.

For humans, it might be hard to obtain arrow revolver, but it is as with the elves's final shot: relatively easy to train, and gives a lot of talent experience. Additionally, while you focus on getting the pages for the skill, you will be able to train the other main ones. Likewise with elves, support shot can be trained for the last few steps until master.

For usefulness:

Elves: Ranged Attack.png Magnum Shot.png Support Shot.png Critical Hit.png Bow Mastery.png Crossbow Mastery.png Urgent Shot.png Mirage Missile.png Crash Shot.png

Humans: Ranged Attack.png Magnum Shot.png Support Shot.png Critical Hit.png Bow Mastery.png Crossbow Mastery.png Urgent Shot.png Arrow Revolver.png Crash Shot.png

  • The Bow/Crossbow masteries are there by choice only. If you use bows more often, then you can let crossbow mastery out, and vice-versa.
  • Mirage missile is especially useful as it can affect monsters that are otherwise invulnerable to normal damage, like the Arc Lich or the Magic golems in Longa desert dungeon.
  • *In the case of Critical hit, it is good to note that it doesn't only affect ranged attack, but also Close Combat and Lance ones. Due to the skill's nature, your critical hit percentage will also raise, which is good no matter the weapon you use. 
  • Spider shot is entirely up to your preferences, but while the skill's original aim was good, I personally do not find it useful enough to bother to rank.

Training tips:

For all the CP-dependant skills: You might want to have CP-reducing gear handy, either a Jackal or a Raccoon Cub-enchanted outfit. This will make your training considerably easier the farther you get in the skillset.

Support shot: Use it as often as you can, since it is a heavily grindy skill. Your efforts will be worth it though. Support/Magnum or Support/Ranged attack is usually a good combo. It is possible to train the skill in Shyllien for the requirement ''Successfully use Support Shot without knocking down the enemy'' on Mutant plants, since they cannot be knocked down. The same is true for any carnivorous plant. Be aware that Man-eating plants have a resistance against ranged attacks, and unless you have a bow that exceeds their fireball range, it is a bad idea to use them for training.

Crash shot: Since having still/grouped enemies is important for training, Shyllien is a good place to train the skill. For the quest to obtain the skill, you can easily obtain the unknown ore fragments in Hillwen B1.

Final shot: Best trained at the foxes in Tir or the mongooses in filia for early ranks. If you do not have CP gear, Tara Shadow missions like ''The Other Alchemists'' or ''Fomor Attack'' are also good places to train.

Mirage Missile: The Tara shadow mission ''Their Method'' is a good spot to train the skill up to a certain point.

Arrow Revolver: Same as final shot. CP gear will make your training considerably easier. 

3. Weapons

3.1 Bows VS Crossbows

Choosing what is best for you between a bow and a crossbow entirely depends on how you do things.


Pros: Piercing damage, Balance, Critical hit rate are better than Bows. Injury rate may as well be higher.

Cons: Not as much variety than Bows, no demonic weapon, Far shorter range. The best Crossbows are also hard to come by for a newer player.

Pros: Long range, Better damage, Variety. Gets a damage bonus if an arrow is shot while the player is near a campfire.

Cons: Depending on the type of bow, it may be costly to repair and maintain.


  • Short bows have a smaller range, but retain most of a bow's quality, so if you are unsure, you can try one and see how you prefer to fight with a ranged weapon.
  • In general, using a crossbow will be better if you do things that make you fight in closed rooms, such as Shadow missions or dungeons. Bows, on the other hand, are better if you are out hunting outside in the fields, or in places that cover a wide area.


3.2: Crossbow Types

Low Tier to Mid-Tier:

Crossbow: Crossbow Piercing Lvl 1, 10-22  Base Damage, 0-100%  Injury rate,   30%  Critical,  80% Balance, 1500 range.

The most basic of crossbows, and easily attainable. Sold by most blacksmith NPCs.

Fomor Crossbow: File:Crossbow.png 18-30 Base Damage   0-100% Injury Rate,    38% Critical,    88% Balance, 1500 range.

A stronger version of the basic crossbow, but it uses the commercing currency, Ducats, to repair. Good if you want a stronger, temporary weapon and you do commerce a lot. You can buy it from the trade assistant imps near commerce posts.

Arbalest: Icon of Arbalest Piercing Lvl 1, 13-21 Base Damage, 0-100%  Injury Rate,  32% Critical,   68% Balance, 1500 range.

The best Mid-tier Crossbow. It is obtainable through varied means, mainly Carpentry, as a drop from the Giant queen hornet, or a reward from Rafting, for instance.

Also has a fomor version you can buy from the trade assistant imp for 120,000 ducats.

High tier:

Sephirot Crossbow: Icon of Sephirot Crossbow Piercing Lvl 1, 21-52 Base Damage,  10-100% Injury Rate,    30% Critical,   88% Balance, 1800 range.

Only obtainable through Coill Advanced Abyss Chests. Due to its rarity, it is not an easy crossbow to come by.

Celtic Crossbow: Celtic Crossbow Piercing lvl 1, 20-45 Base damage,   0-100%  Injury rate,  35%  Critical,   70% Balance,  1600 range.

Only obtainable through Carpentry.

Celtic Royal Crossbow: Celtic Royal Crossbow Piercing Lvl 3, 25-61  Base Damage,  0-100% Injury Rate,    40% Critical,   20% Balance, 1600 Range.

Only obtainable through carpentry. From the two celtic crossbows, this one is the best you'll want to go for. While it has a higher cost in materials than the celtic crossbow, the Royal crossbow's piercing damage is what makes it better than its counterpart. Also, you won't have to gather the same rare materials twice.

3.3: Bow types

Low Tier to Mid-Tier:

Elven Long bow: Elven Long Bow  6-20 Base damage, 25-100% Injury rate, 15% Critical, 50% Balance, 2000 range.

The basic bow, easily attainable from NPCs. 

Also has a Jousting version, as well as a Fomorian one, both stronger than the original.

Ring Bow: Ring Bow 12-24 Base damage, 0-100% Injury rate, 10% Critical, 60% Balance, 1800 range.

Obtainable though Hot-air ballooning (41-45 stars reward), the Renes Egg-Guarding minigame, synthesis, some events and gachapons.

Although it cannot be dyed, some events and gachapons give this bow in specific colors. See the wiki page of the bow for more information.

Wing Bow: Wing Bow  4- 23 Base damage, 0-50% Injury Rate, 79% Critical, 45% Balance, 2000 range.

Obtainable though a variety of gachapons and events, as a drop from the Red dragon, Synthesis, the Renes Egg-Guarding minigame, or the Auction.

Also has a fomor version.

Although it cannot be dyed, some events and gachapons give this bow in specific colors. See the wiki page of the bow for more information.


Highlander Long Bow: Highlander Long Bow 13-27 Base Damage, 20-80% Injury Rate, 19% Citical, 55% Balance, 2000 Range.

A prized bow for it's ability to be used as as spirit weapon and relative availability. Obtainable from drops through Ancient monsters, Ghasts, Blue Ghasts, The master lich, and the Theater Mission ''The New King's Request''. Also has the highest durability of Lower tiered bows.


Andras's bow: Andras's Bow     19-31  Base damage,  25-100%  Injury Rate,   27% Critical, 40% Balance, 2100 range. Cannot be upgraded.

Obtainable from the G9 sidequest Andras's Story, obtainable once you finish G9, in the Andras's past sidequest. You will obtain the bow if you choose the option "Without a past there is no today" . While it cannot be upgraded, it is still a very good bow due to its high injury rate.


Salvation Bow: Salvation Bow  9-17 Base damage*, 20-60% Injury rate*, 0% Critical*, 0% Balance*, 2300 range.

* This bow is only obtainable through defeating Girgashiy, or by crafting it with the Magic craft skill. As such, these stats are relative, since the bow can receive substantial randomized bonus stats if crafted:

  • Additional Minimum Attack: 1~14
  • Additional Maximum Attack: 1~33
  • Additional Critical %: 1~39
  • Additional Balance: 1~52
  • Additional Max Durability: 1~19
  • Additional Defense: 1~10
  • Additional Magic Attack: 0~0

Bhafel Hunter: Icon of Bhafel Hunter  Piercing Lvl 1,  8-15 Base damage*,  20-60% Injury rate, 10% Critical*, 15% Balance, 2000 range.

This bow is only obtained through Magic craft. It requires materials from the Black dragon raid. As such, the these stats are relative, since the bow can receive a substantial randomized bonus when crafted:

  • Additional Minimum Attack: 0~12
  • Additional Maximum Attack: 0~28
  • Additional Critical %: 0~24
  • Additional Balance: 0~30
  • Additional Max Durability: 0~10

What makes this bow one of the best is when it is coupled with the Bhafel Huntress, making it able to fire unlimited ammo.

Black Dragon knight's bow: Black Dragon Knight's Bow 65-140 Base damage, 20-90% Injury rate, 40% Critical,  60% Balance, 2000 range. 


This bow, due to its sheer power, cannot be upgraded.


3.4 Arrow and Bolt Types

Any archer wants the best projectiles to be able to make the most of each shot. Here below is a list of each arrow and bolt types.

Note that some projectiles are harder to come by than most.


  • Not included in this guide are the Emerald, Amethyst, Topaz and Mysterious arrows used to enter special versions of Longa Desert Ruins and defeat their respective boss, as well as the toy arrow, distributed in a limited time event, since they are not combat-focused.

Quiver.png Quiver: Can store up to 500 arrows, bought from Meles or the Elven supply guard. Elf-only. I recommend you hold onto two of these if you plan on using normal arrows. They also free up your inventory if you do not have an arrow bag.

Arrow.png Arrow: Regular missile bought from NPCs.

Arrows (1000).png Arrow (x1000): Same stats than arrows. Packed set of arrows bought from the NX shop or obtained through gachapons.

Handmade Arrow.png Special Arrow Bundle (500, 1000, 5000): Same stats than arrows. Cannot be divided. Obtained through gachapons.

Handmade Arrow.png Handmade Arrow (x100): +5 damage compared to a regular arrow. Made through Handicraft.

Handmade Arrow.png Fine Handmade arrow (x100): +5 damage, + 5% accuracy compared to a regular arrow. Made through Handicraft.

Handmade Arrow.png Finest Handmade Arrow (x100): +10 damage, +5% accuracy, +2% critical compared to a regular arrow. Made through Handicraft.

Arrow.png Solid Bone arrow (x100): +15 damage, +10% accuracy compared to a regular arrow. Made through Synthesis.

Arrow.png Metallic arrow (x100): +20 damage compared to a regular arrow. Obtained through the jousting shop.

Arrows (1000).png Sharp Bolt Bundle (x1000): +10% damage. Cannot be divided. Obtained  though events or gachapons.

Bhafel Huntress.png Bhafel huntress: +15% damage, +20 maximum damage. Limitless ammunition. Limited to Bhafel Hunter only. Obtained through Magic craft.



Bolt for Crossbow.gif Bolt: (x50 or x200): Regular bolts bought from NPCs.

Bolts (1000).png Bolt (x1000): obtained through the web shop. Same stats as a regular bolt.

Handmade Bolt.png Special bolt bundle (x500, x1000, x5000): Same stats than a regular bolt. Cannot be divided. Obtained through gachapons.

Handmade Bolt.png Handmade bolt (x200): +5 damage compared to a regular bolt. Made through Handicraft.

Handmade Bolt.png Fine handmade Bolt (x200): +5 Damage, +5% Max Accuracy compared to a regular bolt. Made through Handicraft.

Handmade Bolt.png Finest Handmade Bolt (x200): +10 Damage, +5% Max Accuracy, +2% Critical compared to a regular bolt. Made through Handicraft.

Bolt for Crossbow.gif Metallic bolt (x100):  +20 damage. Reward from the Jousting Shop.

Bolts (1000).png Sharp Bolt Bundle (x1000): +15% damage compared to a regular bolt. Cannot be divided. Obtained through events or gachapons.

Sephirot Arrow.pngSephirot Arrow (x1000, stacks up to 2000): +10 Damage, +10% Accuracy, +3% Critical compared to a regular bolt. Obtained from Coill Abyss Advanced dungeon end chest.


3.5  Demonic Weapon

File:Demonic Infinite Bow.png Demonic Infinity Bow:  16~32 Base damage, 24%~96% Injury Rate, 2400 Range. Requires master Archer to use.

Obtainable from Carpentry, or the Saga Episode 6 Box with better rates on Wednesdays, Saturdays or Sundays.

Note: While it is a very good bow early on, there are lots of more expensive and rare bows that are arguably better than this one for hard content, depending on what you do want from a bow. It is a good stepping stone until you manage to get such bows, like the Black Dragon Knight's bow or the Bhafel Hunter/Huntress. Those have a smaller range, but deal more damage than the demonic bow. The demonic bow's injury rate is still higher than those two.

It is nonetheless a good standalone bow that is relatively easier to obtain.

***Also, getting en Engineer's enchant on it will make the repair costs easier on your wallet.


Upgrade Sequence:

All upgrades can be made at Nerys in Dunbarton, Meles and Castanea In Filia, or Edern in Bangor.

0~0 : Break Infinite Bow seal - 100,000 g

The rest is up to your preferences.

Blue or Red Upgrade?

Since archery relies more on critical damage rather than Min-Max Damage, it is better to use Red upgrade stones on it.


4. Equipment : The Bohemian Set

F set: Icon of Bohemian Wear (F)Icon of Bohemian Flower Band (F)Icon of Bohemian Hat (F)Icon of Bohemian Shoes (F) 

M Set:Icon of Bohemian Wear (M)Icon of Bohemian Band (M)Icon of Bohemian Hat (M) Icon of Bohemian Shoes (M)

Most of this set can be only obtained through killing 'ancient' titled monsters. The equipment set, when the bonus from all the pieces equals to 10, will enhance Both Magnum and Support shot. As such, it is important that you gather pieces that offer 2-3 enhancement with each part. Plus, each time you see an ancient monster, it means more easy training, so go for it! (if you can handle the monster, of course. Wouldn't want you to die trying to fight an ancient sulfur golem for instance, right?)


5. Enchants

Note that this part may be highly incomplete, as I am not that knowledgeable on enchants (and turns out that there are a lot of enchants that are for archery. If you are looking for enchants to enhance a specific skill, I recommend you take a look at the page of said skill on the wiki. At the bottom of it, you'll be able to see related enchants.)

 If i forgot any major enchants that are unavoidable use on your equipment, tell me!

***Reminder that any enchants rank 5 and above that fails will result in destruction of your weapon/equipment!



  • Mirage: Rank 9

Obtained from: Reward for discovering longa ruins

  • Glorious: Rank 8

Obtained From: Bundle of enchant scrolls (Archery), Composite Bow (Shadow Cast city Adv/Hard), Auction

  • Snowfall Rank 8

Sometimes comes on highlander bows and crossbows pre-enchanted from gachapons.

Obtained from: Giant alligator, Prison zombies, Auction, Bundle of enchant scrolls (Archery)

  • Swift: Rank 8

Obtained from: Bundle of enchant scrolls (Archery), Mace (Ciar Int HM reward)

  • Nobility: Rank 7 (personalizes)

Obtained from: Longa mysterious arrow dungeon

  • Knocking: Rank 5

Obtained from: Peaca abyss, Abb neagh convoy escort shadow mission

  • Interlocking: Rank 4 (personalizes, enchant enabled rank regardless)

Obtained from: Belvast hostage rescue Lord mission


  • Skilled: Rank C

Obtained From: Head Hyena, Seal Merchant, Fomor leather long bow / Fomor elven long bow / Fomor hobnail knuckle (Limited tab of the commerce imp's shop)

  • Ogress: Rank C

Obtained from: Short bow (Ogre warrior, Grumbill (orange), secret experiement in the underground waterway reward)

  • Delusional: Rank B

Obtained from: Ifrit, Bundle of enchant scrolls, Fiodh Int for Four

  • Cactus: Rank A

Obtained from: Emerald magic golem

  • Hitting: Rank 9 

Obtained from: Lingering darkness Int/Adv/Hard, Metal skeleton (full armor), Prizon zomies, Red dragon raid

  • Wanderer: Rank 9 (personalizes)

Obtained From: Auction

  • Thorn Lotus: Rank 9 (personalizes)

Obtained From : Exclusive Enchant Scroll (Balrog)

  • Sniping: Rank 8

Obtained from: Gathering axe (Guardian of Partholon Int/Adv/Hard)

  • Shelter : Rank 6 (Enchant enabled rank regardless)

Obtained from : Alban training grounds (Hall of Rangers)

  • Target: Rank 5 (personalizes, enchant enabled rank regardless)

Obtained from: White dragon Raid

  • Palm Tree: Rank 5

Obtained from: Guardian of Ruins (Mysterious), Auction

Broken Arrow: (Rank 3)

Lingering Darness Adv/Hard, Obtain the rare book (adv/hard, G10 Shadow mission)



Most of the master titles related to the archery skills give a boost of Dexterity, the stat that archery uses to determine damage. Any other titles that give you a dexterity bonus until you get those titles are also useful.

The sniper: Acquire rank 1 in Bow Mastery, Crash Shot, Crossbow Mastery, Magnum Shot, Ranged Attack, Support Shot, and Urgent Shot. (Dex +50, Critical +10%)

the Master of Range  (Max HP +20, Max SP +30, Str -20, Dex +20, Will -20)

the Master of Bows (When equipped with a bow, Max damage +10, Max Stamina +10, STR -15)

the Master of Crossbows (Critical +10 when using a Crossbow , Max Stamina +10 , STR -15)

the Master of Support Shot (Dex +20, Support Shot's Bonus Melee Damage +30%, STR -20, Will -10)

the Master of Final Shot (Dex +30, Will +15, Max HP -15, Str -10)

the Master of Crash Shot (Stamina +20, Dexterity +10, Mana +20, Crash Shot Splash Damage +10%, Strength -25)

the Master of Spider Trap (Dex +15Critical +10% , Luck -10)

Second titles:

Any second titles that can benefit your critical percentage or maximum damage are useful.


7. Giant Range

Throwing Attack.png Giant's Throwing attack:


  • Requires an Atlatl and Javelins to use.
  • Throws a javelin at an enemy from a distance.
  • This attack automatically sets the accuracy to 90% at ranks F-6. The maximum accuracy raises to 95% at ranks 5-2 and 99% at rank 1.
  • If the target is moving, then the accuracy decreases by 5% if walking, or 10% if running.
  • Players may run while this skill is loading and after it has loaded.
  • The damage formula for Throwing Attack is (Atlatl Damage Range + Javelin Bonus + Strength Bonus + Equipment Damage Enchants) * Rank Multiplier.
  • Every 3 Strength adds +1 to Maximum Damage and every 5 Strength adds to +1 Minimum Damage.
    • Short Javelins add 10 max damage while Long Javelins add 25 max damage. Refer to the Javelins List for other varieties.
  • Can be loaded during Windmill's animation, but can not be used until the animation ends.
  • As a ranged ability, Throwing Attack's effects are shunted by Natural Shield, Charge can block it, and Evasion can dodge the javelin.

7.1 Weapon Types





7.2: Titles

the Master of Atlatls: Max HP +20, Max SP +20, Str +20, Skill Effectiveness +10%, Dex -25

Since the skill gets a bonus from Strength, any second title that gives strength to your character is good as well.




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