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I actually made this account and posted a song back in May, but was too shy to actually post anything during any of my visits. Even just posting this took me almost a week to decide to go through with it. Because of college I took a break from Mabinogi, but I've recently gotten back into logging on. When I first joined this site I hadn't made much music, but I've made quite a bit since then, so if I can work up the nerve I might try submitting some of them.

I've been playing Mabinogi off and on since Project RM, which was in 2010 or so. One of my friends had gotten me into music in Mabinogi, and I spent most of my time ranking my music skills (My first three R1 skills were Musical Knowledge, Composing, and Playing Instrument ^^;) originally so I could play the awesome music people made, but I've since made quite a bit of my own stuff from midis. I hope we can get along. c:

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