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Help tempo sync a Jam

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So I've been struugling on this for ages now and i can't seem to make it work!!

in the jam there's a tempo change that heppans in the 3mle it works fine , buuuutttt for some odd reason in the game all the parts fall apart and become out of sync pls help! QwQ




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From what I hear, having a tempo change next to rests can mess with syncing.  This can be fixed with replacing rests next to tempos with v0 notes.  So other than that, I want to ask about the guitar tracks (not the guitarbass though).  They like, have way too many notes dude.  Even when optimized all three tracks contain roughly 3.5k characters, surpassing rank 1 composing's 2.5k limit.  You're gonna have to do some major editing to fit all that in, especially since two of those guitar tracks are missing a tempo change at 13 and change at measures 33 and 53 for some reason.  It looks like a seven man jam right?  You should make it an eight man jam to fit another guitarist in.

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What A_Dirty_Couch said

Also, I can tell you, I already tried making this monstrosity of a jam.  It really doesn't work out, unfortunately, with Mabi's composition limit, unless you are willing to cut out parts, which really detracts from the song overall.  Still, more power to ya!  Best of luck with this one!


(Looking at the file name, we actually both started from the same midi, even [I wasn't gonna do this one by ear, like other stuff. Hell no].  However, I have the 3.5k tracks optimized down to 2k-2.5k.  Can't remember how I managed that, though.  Still comes out to, like.. a 9-10 person jam, which you can't do in mabi, when I split those tracks apart.)

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