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Friends Forever?

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Hi there everybody Wolfboy here, with a topic that will really warm your hearts!:happy: It has been now 5 years, and I have been a dedicated Mabinogi player, and like all old players we tend to look back on our friends list to see some old faces and new ones too. We delete those who quit or anger us, or re-add players in forgiveness. :bingo: So this topic today I want you to post the most best,close,and most trusting friend/family/spouse in your entire Mabi lifetime! :happy: And if you want too! Post a picture of you and your best buddy together or just them as a  dedication too those Mabi BFFS we all know and love!:happy:

I have one friend who is actually my mabi daughter right now who has been with me for 4 and a half years....Never deleted her and always looked out for each other, we never asked anything from each other, but always gave presents to surprise the other. We helped each other in bad times, and and picked each other up when we fallen out of line. We always were jolly together smiling and laughing, it was like a party that lasted forever!

I Dedicate my Number one Favorite Player of all time is christal444. They only regret is i do not have a screen shot of her right now.>W<

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I cringe every time I look back and remember how I lost a group of friends because I evolved into a drama queen. :freez:  One friend I'm thankful for though, is the almighty wug.  Taking pity on me for making wug norris jokes back in g3, wug carried me through many trials.  wug made me watch as wug went from Tarlach into Alexina and stole your guys' Bangor seal stone. :hahaha:  Even after not playing Mabi for some years after my drama period, wug remembered me and carried me some more when I came back on a new char.  Coolest friend ever?  Coolest friend ever. 

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when I look back I realize I'm an ass in many situations, and that the majority of ch1 dwellers is cringy and angers me to no end, looking back on my friendlist however has always been a pleasure to see how far I've gone and I've learnt how to delete people from my life with no remorse jk jks.. but my fl can become packed with random people who add me because I helped them or talked to them one time never to see or hear from them ever again which forces me to delete them, also i'm surprised a bunch of people that I've stayed in contact.  I had alot of fun with people that I get salty with, one of my horrible guilty pleasures is arguing with someone over something controversial. Other then that I've kept in touch with so many people that im afraid rn might delete me because my mabi is been broken for a few weeks, however may give me a better understanding of my relationships in game, also i've said some pretty filthy stuff that I want to wash my mouth out with soap so i'm always waiting for hate towards me or getting banned, i'm remorseful ofc and I do regret however it's not going to stop; what i've seen in some cases savage and disorderly community of mabinogi.

Mabinogi is fun and i've made some pretty amazing friends and right now, I can't help but wonder when it ends. also shout out to the player that quit the drama queen zhaohui thanks for everything i loved you, you sass machine thanks bradley and greg i've known you guys 4ever thanks guild leader Taish she basically got me into the whole music thing, I don't even know if she can compose but them playing music inspired me also thanks everyone on my fl for thinking i'm an ok person (sorry if you didnt get a mention but these were what came to my head first ánd are from around when I first started the game.)

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