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Hey there everyone! Right now I am super bored so I figured why not makeup a random topic for a forum.-_- I started watching some anime when thought of a good topic that might be interesting. :freez:The main idea that popped into mind was "powers," a lot of fictional based anime's usually have a diverse unique power the main character or the side characters control. Now to avoid people from stating the justice league or marvel hero's I will say the only restriction on this topic would be anime or manga based powers. So no superman powers or spiderman, because everyone knows them.:D So Post three power you wish you had, a picture or video clip of the anime character who has them, and include the anime its from. So that way if people don't have to ask for anime shows name.:bingo:

Powers I want:

Power: Op Op Devil Fruit

Description: Turns anything around the blue circle into one big operation table, Able to slice off limbs and reattach them without killing the victim, including removing the still beating heart of a enemy.

Anime: One Piece

Character: Trafalgar Law

Power: Flash Step

Description: The Power to create a burst of speed allowing the user to move faster then the human eye can track.

Anime: Bleach or dragon ball z

Characters: Majority of all soul reapers in Bleach, All main fighters of Dragon Ball Z

thflashstep3.gif4507500-3435992898-43452.gifcartoons & comics dragon ball z dbz goku screen shots

Power: Tsukuyomi

Description: A illusion Genjutsu that requires eye contact to be perform, In which case the target is trapped in a illusion completely under the users control. With experience user can make a few seconds of the illusion seem like days.

Anime: Naruto

Character: Itachi Uchiha


Cannot wait to hear your guys.:happy:

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I only need one power, the power to render all other powers useless.  *grins*  Then I can run them over with a Tank.   That being said I don't like anime that involves "Powers."  So sucks for me. =3


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1. Hokuto no Shinken fighting style mastery (Fist of the North Star)

Can pretty much kill anything with one hit and or tear them apart from the inside out, and Muso Tensei will make me invunerable to physical damage.


2. Fast enough to at least make afterimages (what Ichigo is doing in your gif)


3. Pucci's stand: Made in Heaven (JJBA: Stone Ocean)

Time Manipulation and can move on par with the speed of time, and if I die, it resets the universe and replaces everything in it with something similar, yet completely different (basically if I'm going down everything is going with me xD).


4. True Name Manipulation (Bleach)

I can erase your name from existence and replace it with Ant, for example, and you'd only be about as strong as an ant. I can replace the name of objects and attacks as well. You say my name you lose your voice, and if I die, if someone says my name, I'd reconstruct myself and come back.


5. Reality Warping on par with the Anti-Spirals (Gurren Lagann)

universal manipulation/creation/destruction, dimension manipulation/creation/destruction, can travel anywhere in existence I want (and implied outside of existence), can copy my opponent exactly and beat them with their own abilities (one of the anti-spiral's main gimmicks).


Yeah, I'd be pretty broken.

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2ez I wish I had the mind set to train for 3 years until my hair falls out without the aircon on or heater in addition learn the Saitama super series techniques. (disclaimer this may not be a super power)one-punch-man-vol-1-backstory.thumb.png. also kakashi's insane torture when would you use that? sounds kinda sadistic....

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 also kakashi's insane torture when would you use that? sounds kinda sadistic....

Pretty simple power, imagine yourself getting mugged or attacked by armed enemy. You only need to look into their eyes and break them down mentally in 2 seconds, thus rendering your enemy broken on the ground and you yourself uninjured. Also please do not  try to judge other peoples posts of powers. This is a free thinking forum and will not take bullying.^w^

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Hmm....lets give it a try.


1. The ability to heal anyone, by giving them my energy. (Many examples, lets say for example Wendy from Fairy Tail)

2. The ability to become incorporeal at will, and negate all kinds of damage...with the downside of being unable to deal damage myself.

(Any anime with ghost/incorporeal characters)

3. The ability to create barriers which are able to withstand attacks, and to manipulate them as I see fit. (Bartolomeo from One Piece, for example).


So in summary, healing, barriers, and phasing.

At the start of my adventure I would only be able to use one at the time, but

later on i would become stronger and be able to use 2, or all 3 together if I wish.


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Welp I was bored so I tried.  

1.) Power of a "NewType" The ability to comprehend and understand people. Feel their emotions and desire.  Their hate, sorrows and passions. Power to touch people's souls in short. Also because of this you know when someone is going to act, giving you the ability to know they're going to do something milliseconds before it happens. Which can mean life or death in some situations. (A Newtype from Mobile Suit Gundam 1979, Zeta Gundam 1985, ZZ Gundam 1986, CCA 1988, F91 1991, Origin 2015+ and Unicorn 2010-2014)


2.) The Power to control and manipulate Paper into anything I wish.  The paper can turn harder than steel, or as flexible as cloth.  Individual pieces can bond and combine as if they are fused... anything can be made within seconds as long as I have paper and enough of it.  (Yomiko Readman aka Agent Paper "Read or Die OVA 3 Episodes") 


3.) The most and amazing super power possibly imaginable...... um.................. the ability to disguise myself and sneak into my enemies encampments anytime I wish while also spouting 1970 war movie references when I get caught...... wait that isn't a power you say? (Sarcasm) (Yukari Girls und Panzer)




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