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Is there a way to change the BPM in 3MLE?


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Hiiii- Um I am a plain and utter nooob in the game Mabinogi. I've been using 3MLE (for a few months) originally to make USTs for UTAU, but every since the Windows 10 update UTAU won't work or uninstall so I can use it again. Soooo, now I just love using 3MLE. I would like to make simple instrumentals and such but the set BPM of 120 throws me off a lot. I don't know if I'm stupid ooor what- It would be appreciated it someone could instruct this dummy~ ( Q wQ)/) Feel free to criticize me if I put this in the wrong topic section, too..


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First off welcome to MabiBeats.

The BPM (Tempo) can be changed by adding a "t" value at any point in the mml code of which you want to change the BPM (Tempo) at.
The default BPM is 120 (If you do not specify a BPM by using the "t" value it will always be 120.

To assign this value simply go anywhere in the MML code where you wish this to be changed and type in the correct BPM as shown bellow;

t120 - Default Value

Doing so will apply a BPM of 150 to all parts of the MML you are working on. (Melody, Chord 1, Chord 2 and Song parts)
BPM values go from t32 to t255.
Here's a little GIF to help you out with this. Notice how fast the tracking bar goes when I change the tempo from t120 to t255



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