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PSA: Getting your song previews, information, submission, etc updated

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Alright, I've seen quite a few users asking this same question: "Why doesn't A get updated? I edited B."


Let me squash the elephant in the room: Anything related to submissions is not automatic. This means song previews, submission approval, etc is manual editing by SSRs to get the songs to work the way they are supposed to. If you update a song, please use the report function and let our fellow SSRs know that it needs to be looked at again. We get a lot of songs here on the site, and that magic button is there to let us know that there has been a change and we need to update that preview.



When you submit, this is what it looks like to us (example):


If there are any questions related to submissions or the music player, please direct them at this thread and I will answer them as best i can. Thanks!

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