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Episode 2 of Gundam The Origin II is almost here. I'm quite giddy... The Origin is a Prequel to the original 1979 Mobile Suit Gundam with all the classic characters and cast being brought back but younger.   (EDIT) removed the opening video because the episode is out and the "host" removed the video like they always do after it finally comes out.   But I will replace it with an Episode 1 Review.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPLpnsHEKW8 << interesting didn't automatically turn it into a view-able video upon posting. *scratches head* 

if you do not know what Mobile Suit Gundam is, well you need to be thrown into the fire, it's like Japan's Star Wars and it is like a SIN to not have seen it.   If you've known about it but never seen it, well you're worse and I shall burn you alive in a pit of fire.  

Trailer for Episode 1

Trailer for Episode 2



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Video was Removed from youtube, so I updated.
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The Trailer for the 3rd episode is already out.  Yaoi vibe... Yaoi vibe! lol  Intro music on the trailer is such a Nostalgia trip.  Just made me want to say "Who Will Survive."  Like on every episode preview from the very first anime from 1979. lol


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