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Your Random Youtube Realizations?


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I don't know if this happens only to me but sometimes when I get bored and I go through youtube I run into video's that make so much sense I can't understand it, even though its a very random moment/find. I was wondering if others have had similar experiences with youtube, or any other video browsing website.
For example, I ran into this and I thought it was quite interesting, and true.


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following the name of the topic, I randomly realized that major gaming channels that rule over you-tube are actually living tools, for example pewdiepie gets free games from different companies which he then plays on camera being a living advertisement, captain sparklez has his own toy chain and more huge minecraft let's players have toys as well, they're just tools for the media, and it took me so long to realize. Following the actual youtube theme i never realised what a maregasm till i watched this (also to that long haired white guy, we get taught the human rights, even though i can't remember them all i remember alot, also knowing how much work and how much money to raise a child in my eyes is common knowledge also i got told how to pay my taxes at 14)


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That there are people who can do beautiful things with a video game.  

Like it is hard to believe these clips came from a FTP MMO.  More so that this is 100% fan made.  


I would post other videos but tragically most are too political to be posted on this forums and political stuff is a NO NO according to the rules.   

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