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Search bars for individual halls?


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If the title doesn't make sense, hopefully I can shortly explain it here.

I think it would be nice to have search bars in each hall, so put one in the solo hall, another in the 2-person ensemble hall, etc.

Yes, you can search for them using the advanced search and/or site search; I know that.
There are people, however, that don't use it and instead just look into the individual halls, scrolling through page after page to find certain MMLs.

I don't see it being necessary for users on the site, but it's still a suggestion for those that do the above. 
Sometimes, I browse the halls and eventually wonder why there isn't a search bar to look for individual pieces in them, so... yeah, that's how this came to mind.

Note: I don't like debating or Q&A, so I won't reply back if your post specifically targets me.

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Changed wording because I don't have statistical evidence.
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