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Music Theory Question(Rank 6)

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For Rank 6 Music Knowledge you have to acquire The Soundbox: Heart of the Instrument.  The wiki says you can obtain it from fishing at Port Cobb or doing Barri Advance for Three, but I thought I could fish it up and have not seen it drop once(Done around 50 hours of fishing, oh glorious grinding :banzai:). Anyone know if its still possible or if I need a certain rank for fishing(Rank 9 Currently)? I appreciate any help! 

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Fishing is like the worst way to get this book. I fished for weeks (literally weeks of my computer being on and switching bait tins every few hours) and never saw it. My fishing setup even gives me a 100% success rate on auto fishing (or so it seems, it never failed when I watched). Barri Adv for 3 is a much quicker way of getting it but getting the pass for that is still a pain in the ass...

Incidentally, I've also tried to fish for a Rosemary Glove manual for weeks with the same result. This game is dumb, lol.

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I've heard that you have a higher chance to obtain rarer things from fishing if you actually do the mini game, but that's a pain, and its a rumor that has yet to be confirmed. You're better off doing the dungeon, the pass is a pain to get but if you have Barri Pass Boxes and you run Barri Advanced, you should get a pass rather easily from that. 

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Thank you all so much for your advice! Also, I do have a pass box, but I would rather not grind if I did not have to and wanted to know if I could get out the easy way. Though it seems I can not.:cries: At least I got my fishing up 6 ranks. :banzai:

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I mean I have a perfect 10/10 Adonis Set (Fishing Bonus/Stamina Usage Reduction) set plus the SAO Nishida title, Rank 1 fishing as well. This means I cannot fail auto fishing, I have watched myself fish for 2-3 hours straight and not missed a single auto fish,
That being said I fish in Cobh regularly for dailies and I have yet to receive any book, I've probably spent well over 100 hours at it too. 
Its more grindy to fish than to do the dungeon, but that's my opinion of it.

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