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WYSIWYG issues


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EDIT: Okay, I've tried a few times already to make this thread, but the forum software is literally breaking my posts.  My cursor won't go where it needs to go, linebreaks are being randomly ignored or inserted for no reason, the font is changing randomly after a manual quote, etc.  It's horrible.

How the hell do I turn off the WYSIWYG editor?

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I'm not a big fan on the WYSIWYG editor either, but I don't think there's a way to turn it off. :(

EDIT: I think most of your issues are from copy pasting from another source. For some reason, this editor tries to keep the same formatting as the source text, but is awful at it. Try copying what you want to paste into notepad first to get rid of any formatting, and then copying the text from notepad to here.

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The thing is even previewing what was pasted without formatting will break the parser when it comes to code and quote blocks.

I guess I'll have to adblock the javascript that does this crap so I can edit the first post, let me do that now.

EDIT: Annnnd I can't even use that trick because it's not a separate script, the script that formats also builds the post box.  I guess that explains the lag as I use the arrows keys to move around in large posts if it's rebuilding it.


Just look at that crap.

Writing a post more complex than a single line in this forum software is like trying to bake a cake while a 5 year old is constantly reaching around and knocking things over and moving things around that you're trying to work with.

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@Rydian you are not the only one who complains about the post editor. A lot of people from other websites and boards have complained about it to the IPS Devs.. in V4.1 they made a boat load of changes to the editor to improve it. However it is still in BETA and we don't use beta's in production environments because they can never be upgraded past the beta stage. So we have to wait for V4.1 final.

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