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What about the unused halls?


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It's been a while since we had any info on the further development of the website towards those two halls, has it not?


If i remember correctly, the showcase hall was supposed to be some kind of way to submit original mmls, and as for the event hall, well, i've got no clue/recollection how it would work.

Any info on those two? I mean, it's right there...... hard to not wonder about :tralalalala:

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The best i can think of for the event hall would be a hall that is open for special occasions/contests of themed songs, like halloween and xmas

maybe stuff with prizes? I've got no idea of Yasuno's ideas for it :monk:

I'm sure it would require a more active base though, i guess?

-Sits and waits- :smoker:

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I haven't forgot about them really, I just have been doing other things in the background with the site at the moment. For instance, we still need to fix the issue where several forums give errors when trying to make a new topic such as the introduction post area.

Showcase Hall - A hall to share your song, people can listen to the song preview, rate it and review it like normal but the song code does not show for other users. So basically you can share your own compositions without it being leeched by anyone if that is what you wish. We had some good ones in our old showcase hall.

Event Hall - This hall will only be used for events we run, originally the goal was to have events where we have song making contests, and you can win NX for it. Also, the songs would be forever displayed under the event category. This is still something i want to do eventually, assuming there is activity for it.

Archive Hall - Not on the menu above, but we recently decided we would slowly work on restoring our old mabimml.co hall archive, as well as the Nexon hall but they will be separated into this hall so we don't get them mixed up with current submissions.

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