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Avatar Size Issue


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I don't know if this was intended (I highly doubt it is), but ever since the avatar settings on the forum were changed, i can't help but notice some of our avatars have been stretched abnormally. It doesn't bother me too much for my avatar, but I've seen several others (Viersell's avatar is a lot more blatant) who were affected pretty badly.

I tried clearing my cache and refreshing the page, but that helped little, so it leads me to believe it may be a forum software issue.

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Well, it's actually because i uppe'd the available resolution when you initially upload the avatar as well. So if the avatar was super small, then it stretched its current resolution. If we had started with these settings, it wouldn't have been a big deal but since im changing it as were in progress we notice the old resolution down sizes.

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It doesn't seem like its sorely a resolution issue. It seems most to me that it's the avatar size of the forums that isn't large enough- if we resize a picture when choosing an avatar, we only have to choose from a square shape. The forums's size is more rectangular-ish.

I think this is the issue as well. The forum post displays the avatar as a rectangle but everywhere else is a square. Stretching a square into a bigger or smaller square doesn't look awkward but it does if you stretch a square into a rectangle.

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